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whats stauatory rape?

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Ok, I have been told by like 5 different people that its illegal for a girl underage to go out with a guy that is 18 and older. I thought it was just if they have sex or if the parents don't approve of it and want the guy to stay away. Isn't it ok if your parents know, are fine with it, and you are just bf/gf and not doing anything as far as sexual intercourse goes? Can somebody help me figure this out?

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It isn't illegal, but if the guy is 18 or older and they have sex, then the parents/guardians can charge him with "statuary rape", which basically means that even though she might have willingly agreed to the sex, shes automatically the victim of the 'rape' and he can get convicted.


But since the parents approve, then there isn't anyone to bring the charges against the guy even if they did have sex. And it isn't illegal, just frowned upon [-X

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The rule in my state says that the legal age of consent is 16. Which means anyone under that age cannot consent to sex with someone over 18. But dthe catch is the older person cannot be over five years his/her senior. 16=21, 17=22; after that they are an adult and it doesn't matter.

ccheck your state laws out ask a lawyer about it.

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Be Glad to help you on this one. A very close personal friend of mine who was over 18 started dating a girl under 18. They got very close and had sex. For what ever reason the under aged girl came home late one night. And I guess her parents got on her case. She told them about my friend and that they had sex. We'll my friend thought everything was cool with this girl, not knowing what had happened. We''ll that was until the Sherriff showed up at his house handcuffed him and arrested him and charged him with rape. Talk about a life changing experience. He was booked, and after $15,000 in lawyers fee's. He was placed on house arrest for one year, and has to wear one of those braclet's that monitor where you are all the time. He still has a month left. Then he starts 10 years of supervised probation. The cost $60.00 per month for the probation. The girl even came forward and admitted that she had sex willing with my friend. But it did not matter the state attorney had already picked up the case. If he messes up just one little bit, he does five (5) years in prison.

My friend never had a record, now he has a felony record. Just because he was having alittle fun. In Florida the age is 18, Period end of story. With so many girls your age why would you want to risk everything, like my friend. He is not a very happy camper, and wishes he had never met the under age girl. Was it worth it ?????? I don't think so. I suggest you date someone of legal age, this could happen to you or anyone. It happened to my friend. And all for one night of fun, he will be paying with his new felony record for the rest of his life. He is not allowed to contact the girl.......ever. Or he goes to prison. Dump this girl like a hot potato.


I hope that answered your question


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