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Is he a slimball? I can't see!


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Dear All,


I can't believe this....my ex and I broke up cos he is going to grad school We broke up amicably and no contact for many many week. At first he asked to see me until he leaves but doesn't want a long distance relationship etcetc, no string attached and i said no.


Then few weeks ago, he came looking for me, stand outside my house but didn't knock - I thought he genuinely miss and wanted me. So we started dateing again until he leaves.... until I found out....


During the time when we were apart, there was a very attractive blondle he said he was interested in pursing a relationhship with at one point, she was interested as well, but then nothing happened cos the vibe wasn't right, the vibe wasn't right cos he got rejected but of course he wouldn't say it that way, but he said his own words "i couldn't read it or understand her, so I didn't pursue the relationship, but she is very nice"..... I think she was interested at first, but then she backed up.....they were only alone for like a few times, no kissing, no sex, nothing..


THEN he came back to me and see if there is anything... it is NOT because he miss me! It is not because he had any affection for me... though in his words he said "I miss you while I was with her", "the one time you called while I was at the bar with her I came straight to you", "I came cos I truly missed you"



I don't believe a thing he said.. I believe his behavior and thinks he is a slimball, see where he could have a fling before he leaves town...I am disppointed, I thought I knew this guy and a good person....I am very very angry for coming back to me "pretending" he miss me but in reality he couldn't have the other blonde......


I am angry, angry angry and I have slashed out at him and want to slash out at him more......he is so insincere and ungenuine....I am not the type that gets angry, but I am so so angry right now.....


So is he a slimball?

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