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I am SOOO Embarrassed and confused about this.

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OK, the story so far...I met a bloke on a group holiday with my boyfriend of 10 years. I really , really liked him. Both my b/f and this guy know each other and are friends.

Anyway, back at home I saw this guy in the street coming towards me and I couldn't resist flirting a little, well OK a lot.He seemed quite surprised but flirted back. We didn't stop and talk though so I thought I'd maybe been a bit full-on.

Anyway,recently I went to a gig with my boyfriend (stupid idea I know) which he was playing. Of course, there was a hugely embarrassing moment when we came face-to-face and he ignored me. He seemed to be trying to talk to me afterwards though because every time I looked around he was near me. But I was upset, and embarrassed and just wanted to go.I was also really embarrassed because his best mate was there, who alsois friends with my b/f and he came up to talk to us and I just couldn't look at or speak to him, because I know he knows.What makes the situation ten times worse is that myself and my b/f work together running a shop and I can think of at least four or five of our mutual friends/customers who I suspect know, maybe more.

Anyway, after that hugely embarrassing situation I saw him a few days ago, he came over and we had a bit of a chat and he asked me if we were going on this years holiday(he's obviously worried that we'll be on that, but I said no, I at least worked out that that would be a bad move!), he turned to go, and I suddenly from nowhere said that I was sorry about coming to the gig and how I'd embarrassed him. I was so upset that I burst into tears, and he sort of comforted me a bit and said that I hadn't then I said that I had to go, while still crying (the shame) He told me to "Be cool" but it was sort of in a jokey way. I said I would see him later and he said alright.

Now the situation is very awkward because I can't go back to work, I dread the thought of seeing the people that I think know, It will be so difficult!!

I'm completely and utterly confused and feel terribly guilty and about my b/f(whom I do care an awful lot for, but I don't see myself being with romantically for ever) not knowing anything about this, while loads of other people do, because he's obviously told them.


I think I will at least have to leave my job, and probably my b/f too. Does anyone have any advice? Would this other guy think I'm completely mad now???

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Flirting with someone else is not bad or anything to be ashamed of. It's okay to do ti,w ithin limits. Doesn't seem like you passed them, although I don't know what you did. Generally, I think one shouldn't flirt too late into the night, for too long, infront of your man or woman, etc. So, I don't see the flirting as something to be ashamed of. The tears aren't really either. Something got to you.


You will get over any embarrassment and be fine. Will is take a week or so? Maybe.

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