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which path to take to reach the destination of love?


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A while back I met this girl in a chat room. She's caring, kind, sweet, and cute. Before both of us left she gave me her e-mail address and I added her on my instant messenger. At first I didn't chat with her too much, but as time went by I got more interested in her. Every night I would see her online so I would say hello and the conversations just flowed beautifully from there. Sometimes it just seems magical like something out of a fairy tale. The chemistry was amazing. A couple times she told me I'm more than a friend to her. Once she even told me that she saved a spot for me in her heart. It is common for her to call me hun and kiss me before we part ways. She brings me joy that not many can. She makes me smile internally as well as externally.

Lately she seems less enthusiastic to chat with me. She would take longer to respond and her messages were really short. I remember her telling me she had one hell of a week and she's been having issues with a family member. The last time I chatted with her it was brief and she left all of a sudden with only the word, "later." I don't know if it was because I didn't say goodnight to her the night before or what. I also mention that it would be great if I met in her person before the summer ends. Hope that didn't scare her. She did show interest several times about meeting me. I didn't see her today online at all which is strange since she's only everyday. What does this mean?Did I bring it up too soon? Am I overly enthusiastic in building a relationship with her?

With every second, hour, day that goes by I'm aging more and more so I do want to find the right girl so I can start a family with and settle down. My ultimate dream in life is to be a husband and father, a family man. It's not asking much at all. I just want a little peace and happiness. Wealth and fame means nothing to me. How do I succeed in winning her love? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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some people find it fun to play 'doll' over the internet. they can be whoever they want to be and get attention through those means. you may have broke up her little playtime when you asked for more. that can be very disenchanting to a lady. it ruins the game.

not saying this is what happened but its just another possibility brought to you by EQD.

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thats all you can really get off here my friend. we are all strangers. how this website works is that you post a problem and we post a series of opinions based on our own experiences. And then you choose the one that either 1)makes sense to you or 2)makes you feel better about yourself.. because its easier to digest.

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What does this mean?Did I bring it up too soon? Am I overly enthusiastic in building a relationship with her?

How do I succeed in winning her love?


Why are you thinking about such things with someone you haven't even met in person?


As far as you know, she can be playing a cruel joke on you. Please don't invest your emotions in something that may not lead to anything substantive.


You note that she's been flaky as of late. Does she even live in your city?


I'd suggest meeting her in person and finding out if there's a spark before mulling "love and marriage." If she turns a deaf ear to meeting face-to-face, move on.

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Sounds like you guys have been chatting for a while right?? Maybe she is losing interest as she expected you to have asked her out by now.


You said she showed interest in meeting you so next time you chat with her, be specific and strait forward about asking her out. Ask her out for some coffee or something you guys have in common, with a specific time frame in mind, and see what she says.

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