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Sorry this may be long...


My boyfriend & I had dated for 8 months before he had broke up with me. Right after we broke up we still kept in touch & talked every day. I saw him & when we were together he acted like everything was fine & we were back together. I wanted to get back together & work things out & i was devastated. Two weeks ago he called me late at night, intoxicated, asking if he could come over, that he had something to tell me & he wanted to tell me in person. When he had come over he told me that he had been dating another girl. He almost cried & kept apologizing.


For the next week he called me at least once everyday to apologize. I understand he knows he hurt me & he feels bad, but isn't calling for a week a little overboard? I figured the best way to get him back was to act like i was over it. I didn't call him & when he called only talked for a little bit. This past weekend he called me at 2 a.m i ignored it, making him think i didn't want to talk to him. It was hard but i knew it was what i had to do. He called me multiple times after that first phone call. Kept calling & calling & i kept ignoring it or just didn't answer. He text messaged me & told me he just wanted to talk. I still didn't answer. The next morning, assuming when he woke up, he called me again. I still didn't answer.


Now i feel like the tables are turning & he feels he's losing control. Recently, he has messaged three of my best friends online, making casual conversation. "What's up?" "Haven't seen you in a while". Why is he doing this? Does he really want to be with me but not look weak? Please help! I forgot to mention, i was his first serious girlfriend. I also feel like he might need to get out there & see who else there is to make him realize he wants to be with me. I don't know. I need advice.He just called me four times this morning i ignored all of them. He texted me & said why? & i texted him back & said you know why. Then he called me two more time & i didn't answer. He texted me & said i just wanted to see how graduation went. So i made the mistake of calling him back.


I forgot to mention how a few days ago he asked me who my "new man" was. I'm definitely not talking or even slightly interested in someone else but i told him i was. When he called he kept asking who my new guy was & i just said it's not your business. He got angry & was like well im at work i gotta go can i call you later? A few minutes ago he texted me again & said you unbelievable. We texted for a little & he said he thought he knew me but i wasn't the sweet nice girl he had met at work & all this stuff.


So any ideas or advice? Pleaseee, i really need it!

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you two are playing cat and mouse. You need to just cut ties. He is messaging your friends to get a rise out of you, not cause he cares. If he truly cared and wanted you back he would try harder and go out of his way to do things to please you or surprise you. Or thats atleast what i have done. Since he is dating someone else that is a sure sign to MOVE ON! Just send him a text letting him know that you wish him well and dont want to talk anymore. That you want to move on and he should too. and from that point on ignore anything he may text and say. sounds to me like he is vindictive so ignore any tempting texts. He will purposely try to get a rise out of you by saying negative harsh things and then he may say sweet nice things. BE STRONG AND IGNORE its all party of the lureing game. I know. My ex was a pro at that but i learned!

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