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Just a quick question - ex text today?


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My ex text me a completely pointless text today! What the heel for? He text asking if i could take our dog (who he hasnt bothered with since he left) to see his dad cos he misses her????? I do know this is true cos he loved her to bits, but his dad has my number so he could just call!


I've been NC for just a couple of days! He's made it clear he doesn't want me (see my other posts) Is this just to keep me thinking about him or what? How stupid! I havent replied!


Any answers or comments gladly received XX

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Think you're right Artop!


Well he can go kiss it!!!! I'm not doing that any more!!! Made an ass of myself a few times over the last few weeks, surely enough is enough? He wanted out, so stay out if thats what you want and dont play games with my head

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Oh god i want to have contact with him so bad, but i know i cant. Its just i know he'll be out tonight and maybe tonight will be the night he finds someone else! I wish i could stop thinking about him. but thats probably what the text was for, to keep him in my thoughts? God i hate this!!!

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Don't answer.


My ex emailed me a picture of a pig in wellys today (I like pigs).


Then a few hours later he emailed me to say congratulations on my offer being accepted on a flat (he'd seen my facebook status).


Then we ended up getting into a row over nonsense.


Less is more.

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I ignored him and havent replied!!!


He's off having a great time with his mates and makin a mockery of everything i thought we had, not being very respectful of my feelings etc so i really dont need to reply.


I still cry everyday, but i'm starting to understand why now. I'm grieving the loss of who he used to be not who he is now or what he has become, i'm upset about losing what i thought was my (our) future, living together, buying our first house, children maybe, all the things i thought were going to happen. thats what i feel i lost. and somewhere along the line in our relationship i lost him, the him i loved, cos he sure isnt the man i fell in love with now!!!


I'm starting to dislike the person he is now actually! Should i be? I havent seen him for over a week face to face, I'm dreading going out this weekend cos i know he'll be there, but i'm going stir crazy in this house!!!



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Ex's usually play those games. Mine did as well. They want to know you are still there and waiting. Dont respond or if you feel that you HAVE to, just tell him that unfortunately he will not be able to take the dog due to other plans you have made. That will leave him wondering what you have going on. Dont play his game. If you run they will follow.

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Hey MS


Well done on keeping strong hun!


"I still cry everyday, but i'm starting to understand why now. I'm grieving the loss of who he used to be not who he is now or what he has become"


I know you are still upset, but you are going in the right direction. Keep it up darling!



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