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Weight Watchers...?

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Well about 2 years ago, I lost about 40 pounds. I want and need to lose more to be at a healthy weight. It's not so much what I eat, but moreso portion sizes. I tried weight watchers about 4-5 years ago..and I think I wasn't successful for a number of reasons:


1) The weekly 'meetings' were really difficult to get to going to school and working 2 jobs.


2)The money...to buy 'better' food, the meetings, etc I was going to school..and just really couldn't afford it


3)I wasn't really dedicated or ready..I didn't have the time or the energy to really turn my eating habits / lifestyle around.


4) What really bothered me, at the meetings, at the first 'weigh' in, they tell you what you 'should' weigh using the BMI, which really bothered me. I am not small boned, or have a waif like figure underneath. I could not eat for a year and still not weigh 115 pounds. I do not have that kind of body structure. So being told I should aim for like 110-118 pounds was disgusting to me. I have a curvy and hourglass like figure...to me 140-160 would be perfect.


Well my friend used the online weight watchers...got to use all the online tools like the calculators, the point trackers, the calorie counters etc. She did very well with it. I feel like I am ready, willing and able to commit to this wholeheartedly. The first 40 pounds was just eating better...but I know I need more external help to lose more.


Does anyone have some insight into weight watchers....any advise..stories, etc?


Thanks for your help and time!

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Years ago now, a friend of mine was using WW - the whole nine yards, meetings, weigh ins, counting, etc.


Without actually signing up myself but simply using some of the tools she had, and learning, WW did help me to clean up my eating some more.


I didn't go in looking to lose weight but to keep my eating on a good path and to find a simple way besides the Food Guide to monitor proper portions, and to make sure I was getting what I needed.


The simple charts, the recipes, and having someone else who was going on the same track helped. I still use some of the little 'checkers' today, and recently checked out their website.


I'm not on there but considered it - if only for recipes. And fun tips.


So with that experience alone, I think it'd be worth a shot. WW is highly respected, and has been shown to work for so many people, and what I like - it centers on the lifetime/lifestyle approach to healthy eating and living for the long haul.


I wouldn't worry too much about the BMI. It's not perfect, and bottom line is - this is your body and you know it better than anyone.

Your doctor besides will be a better person to be letting you know whether or not you are at a healthy weight or not (because it's not all about the number on the scale, as you know!).


good luck.

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I know three people who used weight watchers and it worked for all of them. One gained it back, but the weight gain came after her husband passed away, so I think she just had too much to cope with. They have healthy eating plans, so it's not a really quick weight loss, but that's better because you're more likely to keep it off.

Good luck!!!!

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weight watchers is good. i mostly do the frozen meals because they are great for portion control.


i've done the diet thing both ways. dropped 100 pounds in '05 doing very low calorie, which wasn't really sustainable. gained about 15 pounds back, and started WW in late December. i've lost about 25 of those 15 pounds since then.


BMI is now about 23, and i'm probably about thin enough, so now i'm trying to figure out a good way to maintain the weight loss.


still eating mostly lean cuisines and WW.


the people i know who stick to the points do really well. i mostly just ate the WW food.


here's what i eat :


D-lights breakfast sandwhich (low fat, low cal) jimmy dean makes them, and they are pretty good


lean cuisine or WW sandwhich and crackers for lunch. crackers are usually around 180 calories.


snack at 2, about 180 cals.


WW with 2 servings steamed vegetables for dinner.


snack at night, usually granola of some kind.


and the occasional alcoholic beverage.


during the day, i usually drink coffee as well.


exercise is mostly walking.


this diet has worked pretty well, but it's a little slow. WW strictly by the points might be even better.

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I got a little chuckle about the cost of good food, I am budgeting fairly severely now and make the joke ..."The Special K diet is great, a bowl with skim milk for breakfast, a bowl with skim milk for lunch and a sensible dinner (can of tuna on sale) ... I think I am eating for about $2/day!!!


I tried the online WW and didn't stick with it at the time, but I like their point system, much easier to follow and Applebee's has WW meals that are really very good, I eat them even when I am not watching my weight as they don't over-fill me.


Once one gets past that portion size thing, it is not too hard, it's just getting to that point. When your stomach is used to "supersizing" it, it's hard to feel satisfied with less. No matter what you do, try make a conscious effort to start making your portions smaller, a little every day and you won't notice it so much.


Good luck

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My sis-in-law is doing weight watchers online to lose the baby weight. She loves it and is doing very well on it. I also know people who go to the meetings and have done well. I'm a big fan of doing things online - saves time and money. I think you should try the online program.


It sounds like it's also cheaper to do it online, isn't it? As for special food -- I was under the impression that you are under no obligation to buy special food. Smart choices at the grocery store will do just as well.


The bottom line is, you have to be motivated from a very real place. You can't be infatuated with the idea of losing all kinds of weight...you just have to be realistic and stick to it and you'll do well.


For the past few months, I've been diligently counting calories to hit just under my recommended daily allowance (200 - 300 calories below) , but slowly and surely I've been losing that bit of extra flab. It doesn't feel as if I'm limiting myself at all. I've been learning a lot about my eating habits, weaknesses, and I'm learning a TON about food. You could try doing something similar, but different things work for different people.


Good luck!!


OH, and you should do what Annie is doing in the journal section - record your progress day by day! What a great way to share with people your accomplishments and keep yourself on track.

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