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Waiting Period for E-mailing?

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Hey guys,


I got a quick question: How long should you wait before you contact someone over e-mail? Is it the same three day rule people use for calling?


You see, I got this girl's number and e-mail address last week at this temporary job and now we are both gone for the holidays. I wanted to keep in touch over e-mail these newxt few weeks so it's not as a surprise when I call her when we are both back in town. I got the number and address thursday...should I wait till sunday? or possibly longer?



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I don't think there's any "rule" for how long to wait to contact someone. If one party gives another party their e-mail/phone #, etc., then there's an interest shown and an obvious desire for that person to contact them. How long you wait is up to you, but I see nothing wrong with contacting that person the next day. And considering you got her e-mail last week, you've certainly waited long enough!


If you have to deliberate on what's "proper" in contacting someone, you may blow your chances or seem "cool" towards the person in question, and they may question if they should have given it to you. Just my two cents!



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Easy there Mar. I totally agree where you are coming from and see your point. Unfortunately, I have known girls to not see your point and to look at the guy as desperate and anxious. If it were up to me, I would've e-mailed her the next day...but society has made a taboo of that sort of behavior.


Then again, if she thinks that, then she probably isn't the right girl for me, no?


Thanks for the replies

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There ya go.....lol I'm not ANGRY about it, I just think it's a waste of time for people to play the "waiting game" so as not to seem anxious. If I like someone and they give me a way to contact them, I'm going to do it the next day! lol



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I have to agree - there's a HUGE difference between how people see calling and emailing as well.


The part that's definitely the same? Flooding her mail box would indeed come over as desperate, just like calling 5 times the first day you get her number! And while it probably goes without saying - putting her on a chain mail letter as the first contact would probably not be a cool idea (I actually know someone who did that...)

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I disagree with Mar. Look, wait until monday then write to her. When she replays don't wait as long...send her one a day or maybe 2 days after so when she sees she's gotten an email from you she'll be excited. Then when she replys...send her one almost a week later...i guarantee that every day she'll be checking and getting frustrated that she hasn't heard from you, and then once she gets that email she'll be thrilled and will want to see you so bad!

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