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is he still messing?


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me again...


well the guy i was talking about in my previous threads has been in touch and we finally met up last sunday afternoon. i went to his house for a couple of hours. we just kissed and cuddled on the sofa, he kept saying how sexy and gorgeous i was, but nothing more happened, he kept making up excuses like he was tired and he didn't know what was happening to him. i was a bit disappointed cause i thought he really fancied me, but why did he not jump at the chance then???



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i don't know, it's a situation thats been going on for a while, me and hubby aren't in a good relationship, so we lead separate lives at the moment


Maybe you should focus on fixing your marriage instead of getting off. Have you gone to counseling yet? How long has your marriage been in turmoil?

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all i know at the moment is that i need to be loved and cared for, hubby is not doing that and i feel alone. i suppose it's not a good reason to have a relationship with somebody else, but i can't help myself.

no i haven't been into counseling, not sure if it would work.

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of course he knows i'm married, he has a girlfriend. it's just that he's been wanting to be with me for ages, but when he had the chance, nothing happened!!! he hasn't been in touch either, not even a text...

Sounds like he's changed his mind. Perhaps he has decided he loves his girlfriend after all.

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i know he's going through a very rough patch, but i don't think he's telling me lies. he's never one for being in touch, infact my last thread was in early may, he only got back in touch the other week. he did everything, he said he wanted to see me and talk, and i went along to sort this situation out, i didn't have sex on my mind when i went there, but it did cross my mind, as i think it's normal that two people who are madly attracted to each other, may end up having sex, no?

i'm not going to ring him or text him, i'm just going to leave things as they are, if he wants to talk about what happened, he knows where i am. talking to his sister, she said he was very down and depressed, so i don't think i can be on his mind at the moment, he needs to sort things out and figure out what he wants.

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you really think this guy is going to solve your intimacy problems?? Sounds like a terrible candidate.


if you're keen on finding physicality with someone other than your hubby, there has got to be better avenues. A hot musician or something.

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hahahahahah!!! a hot musician eh? sounds good.


i don't know, this guy here has been a crush of a lifetime, we grew up together and now that we're adults, he's finally paid attention to me and that made my heart skip a beat. i just spoke to his sister and she said that he's real down at the moment, so i don't know what's going through his mind. i don't think he's interested in anything at the moment!!!

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Except for his relationship in his girl friend, which he maintains for appearances... And these appearances apparently do matter to him, don't they?


Sounds like there's a lot of work for you to do here. I don't think cheating with Mr. Emotionally Questionable is the best option. I don't think that cheating, period, is the best option. But you have to do what you have to do... If you're just looking to get it on, I'm sure someone willing is out there - someone with less baggage.

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Does your husband and the other guy's girlfriend know about this?


Why do you stay married if it's as bad as you say? -why not a divorce, so that your husband is free to find someone who will be faithful, and you are free to pursue someone else? (just hopefully not someone in a relationship)


Just my opinion, -but you seemed to have gotton yourself into a very complicated situation -also one in which two innocent people may get hurt.


As for your opening question -I think the guy's conscience is getting the better of him and he wants to stay faithful to his girlfriend -at least he deserves kudos for that.

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