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Met her! Finally!


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Well, its been 2months now since i started talking to her, and i have finally met her yesterday.


We met in London, and basically spent the day chatting and shopping, it was quite risky as i had to spend the whole 7hrs in London before my train back, and it was something we werent 'doing' anything as such.

But it went great, the coversation wasnt silent, lots of joking and me being sarcastic to her Some flirting also, but overall it was just great!


I just cant get her out of my head and when we were about to part, i just wanted to stay there so much! We hugged and left, she was I think at least quite sad to see the day end as she asked if we would ever see each other again.


I still am confused, does she want a friendship or something more? We have shared alot of things about ourselves over the phone and had 'phone sex' and we talk almost every night, and now i've met her i just want to be with her so much!

She was quite flirty when we were out and said she loved the day with me, but wished we had been somewhere 'quiet' where we could talk alone, she kinda avoided when i asked her about what - is she implying anything?


We both travelled quite a distance for each other (her 2hrs, me 6hrs!) and she rang me the same night (about 10mins after i walked in!), is she wanting something more or is it purely friendship? I don't want to look stupid if i may have misread the situtation


Thanks for any advice given!!!

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From what you would describe, I think she wants something more. Her flirting, calling you right away, the history with phone sex, etc., all leads me to think she wants more than just friends. The only thing agaisnt that is her reaction to what your question about what she was implying, but that is very understandable. It appears that she hit on you and you were trying make sure she was hitting on you, you were not responding in kind by hitting on her.

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