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hey everyone...

the other day i talked to a guy i went out with last year. (i don't even consider him an x because i've changed so much in my relationships with guys between then and now.) he's 17, has a reputation for smoking weed etc. he's had sex with more than one girl. he goes to church/youth group every so often, and has made a habit of not saying god's name in vain. i almost never hear him swear. i really don't know how to think of him. he's hilarious and fun to be around. i still can't figure him out. he doesn't seem to be one of those guys who hide behind a religion and sex doesn't seem to be a must when he gets a girlfriend. any ideas people? i never know if i should keep my guard up because he's a player, watch my language around him, or if i should be wild or what.


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You don't happen to live near sparta, missouri do you? 70% of the towns population and surrounding is on weed or possibly worse. The Ex-mayor and a couple of the town cops were in on selling it a few years back and are all in federal institutions now.


But that is besides the point......


While some of the things you listed could be considered red-flags, it wouldn't hurt to go out on a couple of dates with this guy to see what he is like. Dates are not perminent things, and are actually there for that purpose.


Personally if I was you I wouldn't even bother, but give him a slight chance. Who knows maybe he is starting to turn his life around to God...

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Wanna know who this guy is? HE IS THE TYPICAL BADBOY. His description:


1) He is VERY confident. (He does what he wants without worry of what anyone thinks of him and isn't afraid of rejection)


2) He always has women around that like him which presents competition for other females.


3) He's independent.


4) He NEVER caters to a woman's every need.


5) He has a strong backbone and acts with authority. (Will not let the girl get her way everytime)


6) He appears to be a big risk when it comes to building solid relationships.


Guess what though - a lot of badboys get women. Many women find their confidence, riskyness and independence very attractive even though they may not be the best looking. Who falls for these guys? Try Pam Anderson for one.

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hey slider you're right, he is a bad boy...and yeah everyone, that's what makes me like him. oh god he's confident, he draws the line between confident and cocky. he makes up for it though; before we went out last year, on valentines day the school sold carnations, and if someone bought one they could have someone bring it to you during class. he bought one and had it brought to me, then checked the next day to make sure i got it. 8)


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