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Well let's see my ex and I broke up about August. That was my doing b/c I was confused and moving away. Well I moved back home 3 months later for my ex b/c I loved her. Well she now has a new bf that she jumped right into. This could be a rebound, i don't know. Well after doing everything I could to get her back, we finally decided not to be friends for right now (more her than me). Well ok now my heart was broken. Well I didn't call her at all. Then after about a wekk she calls. I didn't answer the first few times and she left me some nice messages about wanting to talk to me. So finally I answered one. We talked and everything went well. I told her I was going out and having fun, even though I wasn't. She then had a schedule of calling every 1 or 2 days sometimes 3 days. Then the other day she bluntly asked if I had a lady. What should I say at this point? I told her that I have met some nice girls, but haven't been on any dates yet. I sthat the wise thing to do or should I just tell her that I've been dating the world to make her jealous. What should I say next time, and what does all this mean? She did mention how she's not having fun lately. I'm assuming that means with her new bf. Thanks

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well hey dude, if you love her and want to get back to her be honnest but not desperate. tell her you have seen some nice gals around but that unlike her (jumping into a new relationship) you need time to heal and move on.


do what your heart tells you to. but i really hate it when people play games.... so don't play games yunno.... figure out want you want and what your situation is and then you will know what to do, and talk to her about it.

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Speaking from a girls point of view i'd have to say this is a tricky thing because the things with some girls is that something there confused just as guys are and break up with a guy and during this window period other men see this as a weak point and attack so i'm guessing he must have wooed her in away and then when you came back she either gave you a sign that she still likes you that way and want you close or that she wants to make you her just in case guy.And i don't recamend saying your with someone or interested because it may make her cling all the more to someoneelse and ruin a chance for her to want to get you back and never assume with women trust me sometimes it can be the total oppsite I suggest you tell her the truth that you do indeed still have feelings for her and that being friends is doing more harm then good and if she pats you on the head and says shes sorry but she doesn't want to go out again or if you kno that shes more interested in the other man find someone new to make you happy but please don't rebound if you know that your obviously still in love with her because then you'll bring someone else into the love triangle i've been there but other then that if you are truly meant to be "love will proveil"


good luck


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