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Ok Ladies this is for you, so go easy on me. I'm sure all of you have been compared to some star so maybe you guys can help me out here. I'm feeling a little low.




Ok, I'm half black and Puerto Rican (whoo freakin whoo)

And a lot of men and women tell me ..."has anyone ever told you that you look like Jennifer Lopez (hey no prob there, right, because who wouldnt want to look like her, so even though I know I couldnt pass for J'lo on my best day, i smile and say hey thanks man....whoo hoo

Well now there is this new girl Chritina Milian, and some people are sayiing, "has anyone ever told you that you look like Christian Milian" so I hear this so much I had to break down and see just who this girl is, well its bad enough that J'lo is only one of the most beautiful women in the world and next thing you know theres another woman even prettier then J'lo. Yes Chritina *meow* Milian has to be the most perfect woman in the world. I saw her picture and now i'm a bit depressed. I was like, "you jerks, you know damn well I can't pass for her, what is this some cruel joke. I don't know...i'm just very conscious and now seeing her makes me feel even worst. I wish I could be that pretty. For those of you who need clarification on this "evil torture to women" you can go to ...link removed and see why i'm so upset.

I'm like, "if my man even see's her, i'm toast. Or you can torture yourself further and go to

link removed



Please help, i'm feeling a bit egotistical and low.

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hey SweetypieEnlightenedOne.

im sorry that your feeling depressed in the way you look right now, but you shouldnt compare yourself to someone like her. you and everyone else in the world is beautiful in their own way. and it sounds like you are by the way you say your half black and half puerto rican (yes i know what those two are lol) and its a gorgeous skin tone.


all i can say is that women like her, have several people working on her makeup, hair and body to get it the way it is. and do you know what they adjust pictures to take out any blemishes etc anyway. she may be beatufil but shes real like us when the makeup is taken off. everyone has there good and bad days. if i compared myself to a super model or someone of high status who was amazing all day i would feel down. but you need to look at the aspect that you are beautiful inside and out.


are you feeling completely low on everything about yourself or do you feel that you have some good parts?

please dont let your self esteem and self concept go so low. trust me it was a compliment not a joke. and id just take it lightly next time say thankyou, and like you did about the

(whoo freakin whoo)

just think that but enjoy the fact your noticed.


your not toast if your man sees him, because your man sees the beauty and love in you that he has for you now.

hope this helps you a little


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Relax, SweetyPie, Relax. If someone is telling you "Hey, you look like this absolutley, drop-dead gorgeous knock-out", isn't that saying "You are drop-dead gorgeous, and a knock-out." Relax and think about it, because they are thinking that you look hot. Take it for the compliment that it is intended to be.

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I have the only crush on Christina Milian. She is so fine!!!


Sweetpie, I've seen your pic (you're fine too ) and I could see the resemblence. That's a major complement if they're telling you that you resemble her; you should be flattered not upset. Cheer up girl!!

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This girl just makes me feel upset in the stomach. I just know that there is no way, even with all the tanning in the earth that could make more than one women look that good. She makes me sick, but I dont expect a MAN to understand this, mostly women can relate here. Neva_in Black and white, thank you so much for your advice, that made me feel so much better and I really appreciate it. I think your being a woman , makes you more sensitive to issues like this. I like how you respond with kindness and not critisism. Thanks again,


Any moderators out there??

Whats your opinions on this.

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Especially if it's coming from guys - they MEAN it to be flattering. Oh, I know, it can come accross as almost a mockery - but you'll NEVER see yourself in quite the same way someone else sees you - and that holds even more true when it's from the other sexes viewpoint. We all tend to have traits we've seen in someone we consider particularly attractive, they notice the traits in you they've found attractive in someone else, and figure you'll know what's intended, which yeah, is "wow, you're hot!" or something similar. *grins* and if you ever want to get a little perspective, go to one of the pages where they show the "before makeup" pics of some of these models and stars - cause some of them are really NOT all that!

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