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  1. My ex-girlfriend (I recently broke up with her for something unrelated) loved to talk on the phone. I knew that when I met her, but she was too much. She would call me in the morning to wake me up, she'd call me at least 2 to 3 times while I'm at work, and she'd want to talk on the phone at night for at least an hour, and this was EVERY DAY!!! Let me repeat that, EVERY DAY!!!!! She was driving me bananas!!!. I had no downtime, and when I would tell her that I want to get off the phone, she'd make me feel bad and say things like, "Why you don't want to talk to me? What are you doing that'
  2. I believe so. This book deals with all types of jealousy, not just jealousy in relationships. Good luck!!
  3. Yup. There's even a secton that talks about handling your jealousy even when you've been in a relationship when your mate has been unfaithfull. I think that the bottom line is that jealousy stems from your insecurities and your fear of losing your g/f or b/f. This book addresses, you could say, most issues that are related to, caused by, leads to, etc, jealousy. I'm telling you; this book saved my sanity!!
  4. I have posted a few times in the past about my jealous thoughts concerning my beautiful g/f and stuff. I've read numerous posts in this site which helped, but I went out to seek additional support, so I went out and bought a book on the subject. The book I ended up buying was "Overcoming Jealousy and Possessiveness" by Paul A. Hauck and it has helped me tremendously!!! It felt almost like this book was written for me. It's a self help book made especially for people with jealousy issues (like me!!). It really put things in perspective for me. It really pushed me to think more highly
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