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Whats done is done i guess....


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Well after seven months my gf dumped for some other guy=/ but really gets to me is that she a week before she did she cried and begged me to take her back after she had cheated with some other guy=[ I'm just baffled that she would do this to me when i've been nothing but nice to her, she says she loves me and im sorry but maybe we were't meant to be i mean how can someone be so cruel you know? I think she just has alot of growing up to do *she's 17 by the way* she seems to be the submissive type as in she does't care what the guy is like as long as she's not alone and thats just really hard to see i mean i tried to support her but she does't seem to want anything to do with me and she's lost alot of friends. What im trying to say is that is it stupid that i still love her and miss her despite all she did or am too forgiving?



P.s. im new^_^

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Hello Takumi124,


It isn't stupid that you still love her, but it isn't a healthy relationship when you're with someone who doesn't respect you enough not to cheat on you. It is a matter of trust, respect and even possibly of sexual health.


Once a cheater, always a cheater, that is my view.

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yeah i've always been afraid of that=/ just wish we where still friends like we once where also i know she's gunna do what she always does and come running back to me crying her eyes out telling me how big a mistake she made and im not sure weather to say HA and slam the door in her face or try and comfort her lol

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hey tak, welcome to the forum.

i think about 98% of people on here feel your pain, so you wont have a problem relating lol.

for instance, my ex left me for my (ex) best friend.


sounds like your playing things pretty good so far though

what you do is totaly abandon her. leave her in the wilderness, so to speak.

so when something goes wrong, shes got no one to turn to.


THEEEN whos laughing ha? XD good luck dude

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Sub Newbie. Just a fair warning im blunt with my answers. No need for sugar coating. In my opinion, yes your are stupid for missing her. SHE CHEATED ON YOU, then left you again for someone else. 17 is young and if your around the same age you should brush this off because you got lots of learning, growin up and women to date. Things are only gonna keep getting better for you as long as you keep that attitude. Get out there with your friends and when you start to miss her, think of the horrible things she has done to you and i gurantee you will forget her.

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LOL alright some brutal honesty well ok then i guess its settled now that i know what to do she'll be gone from my mind shortly although some of the times we spent together where awesome its still pretty messed up what she did so yeah she'll be erased 8)

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Hey fella


It sucks that this has happened but know that there are other girls out there who wont treat you like crap.


Take some time to get over her - that's ok - it is healthy. But look forward bud - not backwards - ok!



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Hi Tak,


Believe me in 20 or 30 years you will not even remember her name. She is very young, immature, and careless...sleeping around when she should be studying...going to get herself pregnant and then who is going to pay for it?? She will end up being 45 years old trying to get a GED...for the love of God ....sounds like very very low self-esteem and a poor self image that is why people sleep around.


Has nothing to do with the person they are with hon...it's all about the person themselves...lack of self worth...heck I could sleep around with alot of men even at 43, but why let a guy touch me I don't even like...just for some attention for 60 seconds, then I tell him to get lost!!


As I said many times before...cheaters have no honor so better you leave this little crybaby alone.


Stay focused on you, your future, and your overall well-being!


Wishing you the best of luck


Peace be with you!

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We all go through a stage in our life like this, some people are lucky and experiance it young (although it dosen't feel that way) and others have to wait a little longer.


It's ok that you feel this way, it's only natural, but eventually you will get over her and move on with your life. No one can put a date on when you will feel better, but you will eventually.


Stay on here, post when you feel down and we'll do our best to pick you up.


Take care of yourself!

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hey its me again=p im feeling a little down*just a little* i mean it felt so right with her and then it ended up like this it kinda feels impossible that i'll find someone to give all my heart to again and have them not just up and leave=/


so i guess the logical thing to do is just take it slow right?

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Fella - that feeling is completely normal - that you won't eva find someone to give your heart to - but it it is nonsense.... think of all the people in the world - billions!


You are gonna be ok - as you say - be logical and take it slow - this isn't a race!



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