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keep thinking about someone 6 months on


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I feel i've messed up, I've never had a girlfriend before and I'm 26, I was seeing a girl towards the end of last year and she was really beautifull and found it really easy to talk to her and she was really friendly. But because I found her really attractive with looks and to talk too, I just didn't feel good enough for her.


And the other thing that I was afriad of she has a little girl which I was unsure if I would be any good looking after a child, I don't mind going out with single parents but just worry will I be any good at taking on the responsiblity of a child i don't know anything about it.


I didn't tell her any of that.. but I knew she liked me and have been kicking myself about it for about 6 months now, I often think maybe I should get in contact with her and just go for it being abit more confident, but I don't want to mess her around.

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