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Guys with delayed reactions/radar? What do you think?

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Why is it that guys tend to have a delayed reaction to things such as breakups? From my own experience and through friends, the girls usually deal with the pain right away by being upset, crying,etc. while the guys go about their business and then six months down the line it hits them? One of my best friends always says that guys must have radar because as soon as you are over them, they come back. It is almost like they sense it- even if you haven't seen or spoke to them for a long time. Just curious- how many of you find the phrase "If you love someone let them go, if they return they are yours.." to be true in their own experiences? Especially during the holidays??

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Usually, guys like that are just slow, and it takes them 6 months to realize what they did and what a great girl they had. Or if there guys like me, they just hide there feelings so that no one feels bad for them, but later, they cant take it anymore and spill out there feelings. As for the "as soon as you are over them, they come back" thing, I think thats just a coincidence.

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i think thatguy04 is right. it is just coincidence that guy come back when the girl is over them. i cant think that any guy just all of a sudden out of the blue says "Im going to go back to her". yes guys are dumb and slow, hell i am one most guys have this thing that they cant show any moments of weakness (such as crying) so they act as though nothing really bad has happened when they get dumped. so yeah... i just kinda insulted myself a bunch there. anywho...

hope i am of help

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