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Should I move away?


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I am 23 and still living at home. I am becoming very bored in my city and as much as I love my family, lately I have been having strong feelings that I want to be on my own. I know that I would miss them, but I can handle being on my own, and living in a new city would be very refreshing. My city is very boring, the economy here is doing terrible, and it not one of the nicer places to live in North America. The problem is that I have things pretty much set here. My family owns a very successful business, and as a friend once put it, I have it served to me on a silver platter if I wish to continue their work. I am well educated and can probably find a good job anywhere and possibly become even more successful than if I were to stay home.

Another problem is that most of my friends here are bad influences. I have tried to distance myself but you need to bear in mind that these are basically the only people I know. My ex-gf who I dated for 2 years has also given me a reason to want to start things new somewhere else. I’ve tried dating other women, but I cannot seem to get over her. My interests have changed over the past few years, and this city does not suit my personality. I am very career driven individual, and work very hard, both in education, and personal development. I would love to live in a big city with lots of opportunity, where things are always changing and it requires you to always adapt. Does anyone have any advice or experience? Or just give my head a shake.

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Go for it!! I wish I was in your position!! I have the family thing too ... so leave before you are in to deep!



My advice save up a lot of money to be able to finance your transition. Also set some money aside and visit different cities where you would like to start your life. Get away for the weekend (like every other weekend), check out the city, the night life, the community, talk to locals (possibly make friends), the commute, the companies (possible job prospects) and just get an overall feel for the city. You don't want to move away only to learn you are horribly home sick!


I believe you will be fine, you seem very determined!

Good luck and have lots of fun!


all the best,


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