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Does anyone have the same problem?

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Hiya ppls,

I was just woundering if you have ever fallen in love with some-one that does not love you back in the same way or they don't evan like you!?!!

Well I have and I don't know how to deal with it cause I feel so deprest!!

I mean its like a punishment.

When you love someone soooo much and you know there is no chance, weather their married,too old for you, or the coud do better.

Why does it happen when your going to get your heart broken?

laura x

hope you ppl that celebrate xmas have a great one and those that don't have nice happy new year!!

Sorry if that was phrazed that wrong!! ^

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when you say that people dont love you the same way as you love them, it doesnt mean that they dont love with you with all that they can give. thats something i live by anyway. everyone is different in what love they give out and who to. it could be that this person doesnt know you as well as you know them and thereforeeee could not portray his affections or feelings as love.


for someone as you say not to like you at all, is obviously there own personal judgement. however, have you actually made enough contact with them to understand the true you?


the trials and tribulations of life are hard and its because of this we have to go through them. if life was to throw simple and easy moments at us all oour lives would we learn how to deal with our emotions or defend for ourselves as well as what we do through struggling and accomplishing this barrier?

life is about learning about the real you and experiancing several or more emotions good or bad.

im sorry that at this moment in time the emotions you are feeling are bad despite what you would usually expect to be great.


good luck. and you will find true love.


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Hey Laura,

I've been in the same position for several months. I too liked someone with all my heart but got nothing in return. It was difficult to deal with that.

My feelings got in the way of my mind. And that's wat cost me my health in some way. All I could think about was here, 24/7.

We talked about it after a while because I really wanted to know what she felt for me and what she wanted. She eventually told me that she liked me very much and had somekind of feelings for me, but she didn't want a relationship. It scared her too much to be in a relationship, because she wanted her freedom. She holds her distance with everybody.

It was very difficult to let her go, but a month ago I decided to really let her go. It's a big relieve!! I now can go on with my life again.

So the best thing to do is, to think it over and make a decision. But any which way...... Follow your heart.

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