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Not sure if we can make it

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So in a bit less than a month, it will be my girlfriend and I's 1 year anniversary. We're high school seniors, both 17 years old and are graduating next month as well. I guess here's where the issue comes in.


She's planning to move to LA (close to downtown LA) with her brother not too long after graduation; I would say a few weeks after graduation and a month after at most. As for me, I will be attending UCLA, but school does not start for me until September 20 something, and I don't move in until September 20. Well the thing is, we're going to be quite distant for those 2-3 months. I mean, it's not really that far, LA is actually only one hour from my house.


Despite the not so long one hour distance, my parents won't let me drive to LA. According to them, my car is too old (1989 Nissan), they're afraid I may get into an accident (I mean, hey it's LA? lots of cars on the 10 and 405), and as a matter of fact, I've never even drive to LA myself, so I don't even know how to get there. My parents simply won't let me drive over there in the summer. As for her, she can't drive to see me because...well she doesn't even know how to drive yet and I honestly doubt she'll be an expert in the next 2-3 months or so.


I know when I go to UCLA I can actually visit her. I won't have a car, but there are buses and I can take the metro. It's actually just a 1-1.5 hour ride to downtown, or close to downtown, and she can pick me up from there, which is like a 10-15 minute drive from her house. We talked about that, so it's not that big of a deal. The only thing now we worry about is if we can survive that 2-3 month distance. I told her we could always call, mail, email, IM, text, etc., but we wonder can we actually DO that for 3 months? I don't know, I'm very worried myself. We're used to the idea of seeing each other practically everyday (well we are in high school) and the fact that I spend a whole day with her, on average, once a week.


I don't know exactly what I'm asking, but I guess telling someone about this may give me some hope. I know a lot of people are in worse situations and this is probably nothing compared to them, but still...I've never gone through this before =\ She is my first girlfriend so....yeah....

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Hey i tend to agree with the above poster. It is possible that you guys can make it. Phone calls and txts will keep you close, as will IM. It really depends on how much you guys care about each other. And how you see it. 2 - 3 months isn't too long as long as you're in contact and everything. If you believe in the relationship it can work!

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I agree with those who have said that 2-3 months is not too long. I have been away from my boyfriend for that long both summers that we have been in college, and although it was frustrating at times we made it through all right.


The other thing I wanted to say is there might be alternate ways for you to get to LA. LA must be a happening spot for fresh high school grads - any chance some of your friends would drive down there for the week-end and you could hitch a ride? Can you borrow your parents' car (iffy)? Any chance your gf's parents will be driving down to visit their daughter and can give you a ride? Can she come visit with her brother? Seems like you should be able to get to see each other a least a few week-ends, especially being that close.

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