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A touching message from the guy I was dating but broke it off with....


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Hi all, Ive been posting on here for a couple of weeks in relation to a guy I was dating for a few months. It was great fun, but we kind of developed feelings and he got scared of the commitment. We broke it off a few times, almost took it in turns to and, most recently, I broke it off because I was finding it all too hard and didnt feel secure.


However, I miss his company. He's not a bad person and he was always honest about what he wanted and what he could handle.


Then I thought that maybe it was for the best as I felt slightly relieved that I wasnt worrying all the time about when I would next hear from him etc.


So I'm ok but missing his company and yes, Ive been thinking about him and was slightly upset that he never replied to my "breaking it off text", which was sent a week ago.


Then last night, he called me and I answered and he played one of our songs we used to listen to down the phone to me really loud and then the phone went dead after a time. It was so touching. It was a song that we both listened to and its a kind of sad song about being hurt in the past and the sadness of not being able to commit out of fear.


What does this mean? I have a good idea, not sure it changes anything, but I just found it really touching and I think its a message to say that he is thinking about me as he finds it hard to talk.


Thanks everyone

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I don't think this relationship can get very far if he is finding it hard to commit... to you. I don't think the excuse "I can't commit" means I can't commit to anyone. It most likely means I cannot commit to you or I don't know for sure if you are the one. I wouldn't dwell anymore on him.

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I remember thinking, "it doesn't have to be this hard" before I broke off with the non-committal ex.


The love of my life came along and it was easy. Everything fell together like pieces of a puzzle. You'll know the difference once you experience it.


It was touching to hear the song but I bet you would have rather heard his heartfelt words. But then you did break off over text. Maybe you should ask him to meet you IRL and have a real talk?

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