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how can i get rid of him forever?

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i can't get my ex bf to leave me alone. he calls me about 3 to 4 times a day. i went out with a frind last night and he showed up there. he kept pushing me against the wall and hitting me in the arm. i have a big bruise on my arm right now from him. we been broke up for about six months and he still never gives up. i tried not answering his phone calls and then he shows up at my house.


this is really bad because i just started dating someone new. everytime i go on a date with new guy my ex is calling me.

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Yeah I agree. I mean whats so hard about coming to the conclusion that you need to report him to the police on your own.


Think about it, if a complete stranger would call you everyday, hit you in the arm at a club when he saw you, show up at your doorstep when you didn't answer your phone and threaten you... wouldn't you have already reported him to the police??? Would you tolerate this behavior from anyone else???


REPORT HIM. He can easily be sent off to jail on his next offence. You must go to the police station TODAY so you can show them your bruises. Get online and print out your call log to show that he is in fact calling you everyday. This would be enough to file a restraining order against him. You can also file a domestic violence report on him even if he does not live with you and he will receive a criminal summons to appear in court.


This solution is way too easy. The hardest part is to take the actions to start this process.


Good luck.

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