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Neck, shoulders and back pain

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hey everybody...


I've got a job and its all about Computers, so I have to spend a lot of time in front of it, its been 6 monthes and now I started feeling the pain on my neck, shoulders and my back (the part under my neck), especially on my neck, its leaning forword and its affecting the way I look...


So how do I fix it ? how do I make my neck/back go to its normal pisition ?


thanks in advance!

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Incorporate an exercise program into your weekly routine. Do weight training and stretching 3 times per week as well as try to stay active aside from the gym by rollerblading or picking up a sport. Also, for every hour that you sit infront of a computer try to get up and stretch for 5-10 mins or at least walk/move around. In addition, there are proper techniques you can find all over the internet for proper posture when using/working infront of a computer for excessive periods of time. To be sure you don't have something medical wrong with you, go get yourself checked out by a doctor, they too can make recommendations based on your individual case.

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