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Not Knowing When a Girl Is Seriously Into You.


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I've had this problem forever, I can never tell if a girl is just being friendly or if she's really into me. And most of the time it hits me way after the fact. Like when I'm actually in the situation where its happening I don't ever think twice about it, I just think shes being friendly... But then I realize it, and I'm killing myself over it.


I'm a "nice" guy, good looking, in shape... I don't really have any problems going up to girls. There are soo many mixed signals sometimes... It makes it really difficult to tell.


So If I'm in class and a girl starts talking to me thats attractive, how do I know whether shes being friendly, or if she's testing me and seeing if I'll make a move?


See heres why I have such a problem with this, I met this Great Chick.. She's funny, smart, chill, REALLY cute. Well whenever we see each other, she has this beautiful smile on her face and would look right into my eyes..Like she was looking directly at my soul.. it sort of puts me under her spell you could say. Like I really thought this girl was the one, we would just talk for hours about all kinds of stuff, really deep conversations that you wouldn't talk to anyone else about. Well I made a move and told her how I felt... I asked her out. She hesitated but then said "sorry, I can't."... Of course I wanted to know why! And then asked "why not, I thought this was what we both wanted.." Then she said something that will stick with me forever, "I don't want to break your heart."... I felt the oxygen leave my lungs and I couldn't breath..I didn't know what to say next... this was such a huge disappointment and I still didn't understand why.


We remain friends.. but it's awkward now and we don't have the long conversations like we use to. I see her all the time in school and all I can say is hi, and she says hi back, nothing more. It all sort of fell apart, and its really painful for me. When all my friends hangout together shes always with us, but what we had before isn't there anymore. I still have feelings for this girl! She still makes me smile and laugh like a fool, but what can I do now... I've given up. I have no idea how she feels about me now.


I don't want this to happen again... I feel like I did something majory wrong somehow. If she put me in the "friend-zone" and thats why it turned out the way it did.. HOW do I stop that from happening next time!!

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