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bittersweet day in california

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Well they finally legalized gay marriage in california today.

I know that might not mean much to many of you on ena.

its strange though, me and the ex talked about it so long ago, and he said "its gonna happen and i cant wait" he was so optimistic and so bright eyed about things.

I was a cynic saying "it'll be a long time" and it got me thinking. Maybe i DID put up to many walls, and try to be the tough masculine guy on the outside that i grew up with. Now my sensitivity is all i have, and i wonder if i was negative while we were together.

anyways, i can get married. It made me smile today

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sometimes i think california is the only state with sense. They are always first to pass the good, smart laws. I wish i lived there.


Actually, they are the second state to legalize it. Massachusetts was the first state, Goodridge v. Department of Health.


Yeah a lot of my friends were really happy about this which is awesome.

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hmmmm... probably one of those states where 'sodomy' is still a crime and you can go to jail for it if you're caught....


Yep. But sodomy laws were ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2003, so it's highly unlikely that any state or local prosecutor would prosecute for it.

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