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Mardi Gras: The more they talk, the less I want to go.

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My friends are taking me down to see Mardi Gras. They say they've always had a blast (they've been to it at least 3 times) and the more stories I hear about their past Mardi Gras trips the less I want to go.


I work in the criminal justice field, I'm not a party girl, I don't drink(I'm the default designated driver every weekend, the first alcoholic drink I ever had was in 2003 when my bf told me he wished I drank more alcohol to fit in better with his friends- so I tried it and didn't like it), and never done drugs. A big part of not drinking or doing drugs is because I can't do these things and ethically maintain my current job.


The stories I've heard revolve around them getting drunk to the point of yacking in MacDonalds cups, laying down in urine/yack stained streets, getting their pants urine/yacked stained all the way up to the knees to the point where they had to throw their pants away after the festival ended, having to take a friend to the hospital because he'd drunk too much- they found him passed out in the shower laying/drowning in his own vomit, and a lot of other bad hotel stories.


I'm the mother-hen of my friend group and I'm afraid going to Mardi Gras with them is just going to bring out this mother-hen at its worst and my friends will hate me afterwards.


What do I do? Should I tell them to just stop talking about their past trips so when I get to Mardi Gras I can just experience it without all these fears that it's going to be my ultimate worst experience ever? They seem to really enjoy talking about their past trips. I really want it to be a good time for everyone and I know I'll have a good time without getting drunk or flashing- I do it every weekend. Besides, I think it's important to have at least one sober person in the group if some type of emergency (like a friend passed out in the shower drowning in his own vomit) should arise again. When I tell my friends this they say it's pointless for me to go to Mardi Gras then.


What do I do?

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I'm in agreement with the others. You are dreading it already. If you strongly suspect you won't enjoy yourself then don't go.


Mardi Gras is one big party. Your friends descriptions are pretty accurate. If you don't want to do that, do NOT go. I commend you also for your maturity and responsibility.

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I'll also add my "nay" vote to the mix - if you spend your vacation time and money and have a horrible time, you'll resent it later, and watching everyone else getting falling down wasted isn't a whole lot of fun. I'd pass on the trip - and spend the money on another kind of outing with your friends you'll enjoy more and have good memories from!

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