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good sources of calcium

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Well luckily there are a lot of foods fortified with calcium now. There are orange juices, apple juices, and I'm sure other kinds of juices fortified with calcium. Also cheese! Who doesn't like cheese?


Cheese also has a lot of fat, which takes away from the health benefits of the calcuim. But it sure is yummy!!

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Have you tried 'Silk'?


I hate milk, but I love Silk. It has all the calcium and Vit D of milk, but no lactose so if you are lactose intolerant you can still have it.


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I've tried soymilk before. I don't like it either, I think I'd prefer yogurt. Is there at least like a good yogurt brand that's good tasting but doesn't necessarily have to have like 1000kg of sugar. I mean, when it comes to yogurt, in my experience, it's always either a yogurt with great texture/consistency but way too sweet (regular yogurts), or a yogurt that's just right when it comes to sweetness, but disgusting texture/consistency that I can barely stomach (these would be diet yogurts I guess).

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Tums. No kidding.


Dako is right- Tums is Calcium Carbonate, and is a good source of supplemental calcium.


It is not good for you to get all your calcium from vitamins vs. food sources- as it is better absorbed through food sources vs. vitamins/supplements.

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I stay away from pasteurized cow milk- too many antibiotics and fat. I hear raw milk is good, but have yet to try it-so I cannot personally vouch for it.


But I have found other alternatives, what I found is that, I have to eat larger quantities to get the calcium, but these foodstuffs offer more than just calcium, so it's win win.

Try the following:


Various types of Broccoli (my favorite)

Spinach and other dark leafy foodstuffs

Fish-Like Sardines


check out these two websites for a lot of good info


naturalnews. com and whfoods. org


Tums and some chocolate calcium supplements are good, but they are synthetic.


to your health,


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If you can drink milk, it is still the best source for absorbable calcium and also take 1000 mg of D daily, as Vitamin D has been underestimated in necessity for calcium absorption. Calcium from food sources is much more absorbable than from supplements.


I drink skim milk, all the calcium and no fat. Unpasteurized milk is very dangerous, I would stay away from that. I have read there have been more illnesses and death from drinking raw milk than any possible problems with pasteurized milk. There isn't the antibiotics and additives in major dairy milk that everyone claims there is, it is very safe and a good source. You have all sorts of choices, skim, 1%, 2%, but whole milk is too rich for adults, but should be drank by children. A balance of fat is required for proper brain development. Some parents have actually caused malnutrition in their children trying to put them on a totally non fat diet.


As always moderation and reason is a good thing, don't follow fads, we managed to get to this point through thousands and thousands of years without the modern fads and fears we are facing now.

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