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He's the only thing I've got right now


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But he just doesn't seem to understand...


I'm totally anti-weed. Just the thought of someone doing it or seeing someone doing it, flips a switch in my head that makes me go crazy. I feel like breaking every breakable thing in the immediate vicinity. I can't control that feeling at all, I've tried, believe me. My brother smokes pot pretty much everyday, but there's nothing I can do about it. Not only does it piss me off beyond belief, but I physically start to feel sick...


So, this person I love very much has recently started talking about pot more and more, today he told me he almost bought a bong. A few weeks back, he called me, proud to announce that he was high. I almost deserted him right there. He apologized the next day, though, and for some reason, i forgave him. So now I don't know what to do.


It's not specifically breaking up, because we're not together, but I can't handle it if he's going to continue to get high. I can't be around that, and I'm not going to.


So, what exactly should I do?

I know if I explain all of this to him, and he says he doesnt care about how i feel, I'm leaving, and that's that. But I do care for and love him very much...

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Hi there. All I can say from experience is that if you have expressed your feelings about this subject, and they are not respected from day one, you are heading for trouble.


Be strong, and don't waver on this if it is importnat to you. You are more important than someone who chooses to get high regardless of how it makes you feel.


Good luck!


ps. he isn't THE ONLY thing you have. You have you. Trust me, that is golden.

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Two things: NO ONE should ever be your "only thing you've got" so that is your first mistake. Secondly, if someone isn't behaving the way you expect, and you are still THERE, then that suggests you approve of it regardless of what words come out of your mouth. In other words, it doesn't matter what you SAY to him, if something is a dealbreaker, you have to leave.

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