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hey guys - i have been flirting via text (and occasional calls) with this guy who I went out with twice for over two months... recently he has stopped texting me as much (this happened when I started texting him.)


He usually would ask me to hang out (sort of a booty call) and i would always decline (hoping he would start to like me more and be interested in me as a gf)


do you think he's getting the picture I'm not a booty call? Or do you think hes loosing interest because i started texting him?

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hm, few things strange here - first off, i agree that being too accessible by text would make him less likely to ask you out. and i agree with declining booty calls, but better to follow up with something like, 'sorry, i can't see you tonight at midnight, but do you want to go get lunch next week?' ie, show that you'll only meet in public, with advance notice, etc....


secondly, why only 2 dates in 2 months? that doesn't sound great.


he might be losing interest because he sees you are not a booty call. that is a good thing!

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oooh wait, i see you have posted several threads on this guy. i'd forget him and move on. he's telling you he doesn't want a gf, so listen to him! he's pretty much said all he wants is a booty call, so i'd let him go. no guy who is genuinely into you would ever want you to think all he wants is sex.

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