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Happier holidays for troubled relationships


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I just have a general point to keep some of you in troubled relationships could maybe keep in mind, a point that SweetypieEnlightenedOne hit on in in one of her other posts.


I've seen it said in a few places that you should try to avoid making major relationship related changes a week before a small holiday, or a couple of weeks before a major holiday. A lot of us are of course coming up on one of the biggest holidays of the year.


If you're thinking things aren't so good, or you're considering a break-up, you may want to reconsider waiting until after the holiday season is over. It's a very stressful time of year to begin with, and for some people, having the additional burden of a difficult time with someone who's been very close can really put a down note on everything.


I know I certainly feel that way myself, I'm willing to let things slip for a bit, and pick them back up in early January when I'll be better emotionally equipped to deal with it.


This should hopefully be a time of year for friends, family and loved ones. I hope most of your can share some happiness with those close to you.

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That makes good practical sense - I've heard something similar, never go into or get out of a relationship under very stressful conditions, including around holidays, and around a birth or death in the family, or relocation/starting a new career.


After all, nobody would start a new, strenuous exercise program or sign up to run a marathon when they have the flu - we all realize when we're physically not in the best shape we should be; but as humans, I think we often tend to neglect our mental and emotional well-being in favor of appearing in control, strong, and confident - and forget to allow ourselves to be just that - human, with human frailties and failings!


Hey - we try to treat everyone around us well for the holidays - make sure you don't forget to take time to treat yourselves well too.

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