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Can't get it out of my head! Plz reply

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Hi guys, thanks for reading my post! I'll try to keep it short and to the point.


Ok so about 6 months ago this new girls started work with my boyfriend. She's called Vicky. Well I went to see my boyfriend around the time she started and he told me that he had her number and that he's been texting her, just coz she's a nice girl, nothing to worry about. I was jealous as hell but I could deal with it.


Anyways I start hearing things like that he's been saying to other people how nice she is and stuff, talking about her a lot, and then one day he is at my house and his phone beeps. It's a message from Vicky. He says I can read it so I do, and it's just a friendly "hi mate" kinda message. But while I was in his inbox I notice a few more messages from her, indicating that my boyfriend has feelings for her, and he's asked her out etc...


Obviously I'm upset and convinced he's cheating, then I find the condom wrapper (Previous post) and things get worse, then I get so jealous I check his phone everyday and one day I find a message that says he's said he doesn't love me like before etc...telling Vicky about our relationship! I know i shouldn't have been reading his messages anyway but I had to.


Anyway we break up, after a day he realises that he didn't know how much he loves me etc and we get back together (don't say anything, I know I sound stupid!) Well we're still together now and happy!


The thing is I still can't stop thinking about the fact that he had feelings for her and they still work together. e went out to his Christmas work do the other night and Vicky was there and it's the first time I've really seen her and she's so pretty and...I can't get it out of my head. I know he loves me not her and she has a partner too and nothings going to happen but I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!! I just keep thinking of them togeher at work and stuff, and I want to put it in the past but I can't. Please help me the jealousy is doing my head in!

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The biggest and most vital mistake you made...was taking him back right after you knew he was decieving you, without making him work for it. And you did this because you didnt want this Ms. Vicki to have him. But thats ok, because all of us women do it, its nothing new and its not the last time a women will do it. However I have to help you get the ball back in your court again. See you took him back too soon and you should have milked it for what you could have gotten for it. Too soon to him says "Ha, she's easy to get, " or the "i got this vibe" but now he will just hide what him and Ms. Vicky are going to do in the future. You are very right to be upset, and feel jealous, he betrayed you. Not only did he do that, but he let some other women in on your problems you guys had in the relationship. He was talking to another women, when he should have been telling you the problems and trying to fix it with you. He sounds like a weak man to me, and you need to play your cards better than this.


Your sitting here feeling bad like you did something wrong. Like it was your condom rapper he found, like it was your text messages from another man. No No SISTER!! You have this all wrong. It should be him on this forum asking for help...not you.


ONLY IN ONE DAY HA! A DAY, please!!!!!!! In a day he knew that he wanted Vickie and was going to get it past you! Thats what he knew in a day. In a day, he knew he had thoughts of decieving you and knew he could get away with it.


Its time for you to buckle up Missy and take his ass on a ride.


No more crying, No more feeling bad. He's the one who should be crying.

And so what Vickie is hot, who gives a rat's butt, I'm sure your hot, and if you played your cards right you could be even hotter. Hotness has nothing to do with a man staying true to you or leaving you. Halle Berry can't even keep a man faithful....you know why? Because even though she is one of the most beautiful women in the world, she's insecure and psyco. Yes its true, Gothica was not just a job for her, she belongs in that movie. LOL


Back to you...

Dont you sit here for one minute compairing yourself to this sneaky slut, how hot could she really be that she has to scrape up someone elses leftovers. Ha, i bet your not only hot, but you have scruples something this side winder couldnt buy.

You need to start pulling a few tricks of your own, to make yourself stronger. First thing you need to do is, put some space between you and "MR. Confused" You need to make him miss you, and dont' just cling to him so that Vicki can't have him, because obviously no amount of clinging kept him from what he was going to do before! Right? Right, so you need to put his butt through it. *three snaps*



For more Details Pm me and I'll have him eating out of your hands. Trust me, I have been through this and it works.

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Sweetypie is mostly right and a little wrong.


Most of what she says is just flat on. I disagree about one thing, where she said: "See you took him back too soon and you should have milked it for what you could have gotten for it." No relationship should get to seeing "what you could have gotten for it."


he was wrong, he should have been on his knees begging for forgiveness and you should have said you need to think about it, but in the mean time . . . make demands on him to demonstrate his intent to be faithful and all that other stuff.

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