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Hair problem: knots

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Hello, stupid problem, skip it if you're bored...


I'm a male, 20 years old and I want to keep my hair long.

My hair is about 30cm long, it is not straight nor curly, dark. Can you see Julia Robert's non-straight-hair look? That's what my hair looks like. Except that my hair *looks* more dry and has it's own will.


With it's length it started to get knots! One day I got a string that had three knots in it! I don't seem to be taking correct care of it.


These questions really are for females but none of my female friends were able to answer me... What do you do to keep your hair more straight, healthy and knot-free? And why my hair gets all loose and crazy instead of holding together in wicks? I mean there's no attraction between each string of hair...


I use the usual hair products, I wash it every day and I tie it before going to bed. What am I doing wrong or not doing at all? Am I not eating well? Am I sleeping really badly? Should I cut its ends? It doesn't look like having split ends to me...


Dumb problem... thanks to anyone.

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Well, short of blow drying it and pulling it straight, if your hair is wavy, there's not much you can do to make it straighter, except letting it get longer, the weight will pull it straighter. Might want to try some spray leave-in conditioner like Infusium 23 - and use a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush - you'll get less air in there and it won't fluff as much. If it DOES tangle, use a brush and start from the bottom, work up slowly to get the knots out. And hmm, if it knots in spite of being tied at night, braid instead, it can't tangle when it can't move around!

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I agree with the braiding thing, I would also suggest using a good conditioner after washing, and leave it in for a good 3 minutes before washing it out. I know this sounds kind of girly but ceramic straighteners are fantastic. They can be a little pricey but they're worth it. And a good wide comb is always a good idea. You can get shampoos and conditioners for wavy hair, to get it straighter or just generally softer but conditioner is definitely the way to eliminate the knots. Hope this helps!

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You could not have come to a better person about this then me!!! My hair is down to my butt and I'm not exaggerating. I have extremely curly/thick hair.


I had the same problem as you. What i found works is the following:


1. Once a week (only once a week, don't overdo this) I take a shower wash my hair out really good then towel dry it. Then I soak, (yes i said soak) my hair in conditioner (AUSSIE has the best) for the night. I sleep in a shower cap and when I wake up in the morning I wash it out, blow dry my hair and not only is it more managable but it's so healthy. People ask me all the time, is my hair real, because its so healthy it looks fake!!


2. Hot Oil treatment, once every three weeks.


3. Trim, Trim, Trim, we must trim the hair atleast once every one or two months. This rids the hair of split ends (the reason most peoples hair knots up.


4. DO NOT! i repeat DO NOT put any greese or any heavy greese products in your hair unless you have coarse hair. This will weigh the hair down and make it look awful.


I hope this helped...


Let me know what happened.


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Hello again!

Now the interesting part, blow drying/pulling, straightening sprays and ceramic straighteners don't work with my hair, it's like nylon, once you bend it, you can't straight it back anymore. But I am not so worried about getting it straighter as I am about getting rid of the knots. It is just a bit sad when I am passing my hand through my hair it gets stuck because a knot is causing a tangle. I just thought that straight hair had less problems with tangling.


I can't braid my own hair... I'll have to ask my sister this holidays. Men and awkwardness...


You talk about Infusium 23 and Aussie, which I can't find in the mall (that's probably because I live in Portugal... I have to use Pantene), but I'll ask about them when I see a hairdresser, which I might do really soon...


Even my father says: "You have knots because of slipt ends!", and I guess I'll have to trim... last time I did that was 14 months ago...


And I had the pleasure to prove myself what you all said about conditioners and letting it stay in the hair a little longer. Mine says: "You don't have to wait to rinse."... What I did was... soak my hair (lol in conditioner, put a plastic sack in my head and sleep with it. And I have have to thank SweetypieEnlightenedOne for the idea because it really worked! Today my hair wasn't wild, every string going everywhere, instead it kept together, soft and tamed. Smooth waves. I could live with it


And since I can't braid all the time, I might try using an elastic net for my hair when sleeping (like George Clooney did in "O Brother Where Art Thou"). It might help the ends.


My hair is down to my butt and I'm not exaggerating.
8-[ I already envy you


Thank you all =D>

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