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Anyone have any ideas on how to live paycheck to paycheck. My fiancee and I are having serious issues with money. Like I can't pay everything and it has gotten some serious issues between us. We argue all the time about money and I don't know what to do about it. Ways to make this work and be happy.

Anyone got any suggestions on how to save money?


I don't know....

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Budget Budget Budget!! that's the best thing you can do!


What I just did with my friend who is just moving out on his own and will be living paycheck to paycheck I sat down with him and we wrote out what he brings home, all his needed expenses (rent, car/insurance, utilities, food, etc) and then wrote down all of the unnecessary expenses (eating out, video games, etc, etc) and with that we were able to set up a budget and how much he'd put towards each thing with each paycheck and how much he'd be able to put back for savings/hard times and then how much he'd have for extra things at the end of the month.

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Hmm, not knowing anything about your personal situation, I'd recommend you sit down with your fiancee and make a monthly budget, putting down all your income and all (and I mean ALL and ANY) expenses. If your expenses are higher then your income, you will have to cut your expenses. It's as simple as that.


I do understand tho, that some things are easier said than done, and this probably is one of them. For some time I was living (and had to live) on quite a short budget myself, and I know it can be quite hard to cut down expenses. You have to force yourself over and over again.



The second thing that you can do, is try and increase your available income, by finding a second (weekend? nighttime?) job, or a better paid one for that matter...sometimes easier, sometimes harder to do than option one.


I definitely cannot recommend trying to increase the available income by means of financing stuff you buy, because in the long run, you pay extra for the financing, plus if you do not have the money now, how do you know you'll have it later?


Just some thoughts...

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I would suggest that if at all possible, you or her get a part time job as a waiter/waitress. My gf works as a waitress and makes on average about $80 a day. She gives me her money so I can take care of our finances. I pay the majority of our bills, if not all of them, with her tips so my paychecks that come in bi-weekly are free and clear.


We really watch our money as far as going out. We used to go out every night and spend $20+. Since we have been going for walks and doing other things that do not cost much money, we have been able to save a lot! Now whenever we want to go out (like twice a month) we can actually do something FUN.


By not going out everyday, we can also go to the mall just to walk around and if we see something that we really want to get I.E. nice pair of sunglasses, t-shirt, movie or pretty much anything around $100... we can get it without even thinking twice.


If you are living paycheck to paycheck then one of two things are happening... your bills meet or exceed the amount of money you are making (NOT GOOD) or you are just spending $20 here and there TOO OFTEN.


Cut back on the little things that you two buy and start saving that money. Start doing things that dont cost money. Not only will this help you save money, it will help you save yor relationship!


Best wishes!

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We live paycheck to paycheck in our family and we live on just the basic necessities. No cable, no internet, no going out to dinner, no new clothes or shoes. You just have to rid yourself of all luxuries. Dont watch tv and utilize sunlight so your electricity bills are lower. I think all this stuff is pretty common sense. Dont impulse buy.

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Not get married until the money issues are resolved or else there will be bigger problems. You two are probably working on getting careers or college or what not to get better paying jobs? But anyways for sure you need to cut out anything that isn't a necessity. Can't really go out, or splurge on things, or have extra things. So really what you got to do is budget or see a financial planner.. although that does cost money. Its easy to do it on your own though. Just make a list of things you need that are IMPORTANT and separate how much is needed for each thing. Cable and internet is not necessary unless you need internet for work or what not.

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Like Mythical said - BUDGET!


Find a budget program you can check daily on your computer, or make one yourself! Hell I can send you mine! Once you see exactly where (pretty much) every dollar goes, you'll know where you waste money & where you can save!


Next - CUT UP YOUR CREDIT CARDS!!!!! If you live off cash and set a certain amount per week, don't use more. If you run out of cash, too bad! If you really want something, you have to save up.


As for saving, start clipping & looking for coupons. If you pay for hydro/heat, get energy efficient items for your home & be responsible about the temp (have it a little warmer in the summer, a little colder in the winter). Don't eat out! Fast food & eating out costs more than you think. Brown bag it for lunch baby!


If you have debt, you can arrange with the different companies to lower your interest rate, or get a bank to combine everything into one payment with a decent interest rate.

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yeah i think you know what needs to be done but dont want to.


like if your overweight you know you need to quit eating bad, but you still do.


When im in these situations i grab a notebook and start writing goals and plans down.

i follow those planes to reach my goals.


do watchu gotta do sista.

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thanks everyone. budgetting is difficult but in all reality I am better at it than he is. I DID cut up on of the cards and plan on closing the account when it is paid off. I have plans but it is difficult to put into action when he doesn't understand how much money goes into some things such as groceries, rent, and everything else.

Anyways thanks everyone.

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