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This 19 y/o girl L who I find attractive and very nice has never had a boyfriend before, however she has recently expressed interest in getting one for the first time. L has a crush on one of my best friends S who is one of the nicest guys ull ever meet. S recently got out of a relationship and is not looking for any kind of relationship at all aside from any 1 night stands he can get, he knows L is not that type of girl and doesnt want to be anything besides friends with her. Unfortanatley S is overly nice and L's roomate told S to ask her to formal...so he did, he has also gotten dragged into 1 or 2 double dates with her and doesnt wana say no and upset her. After a few weeks of this S is getting worried that he is leading L on to think somethings there that isnt so he made a comment about wanting to stay single for a long long time when she was in the room. Over the past 2-3 weeks I would run into L every now and then and we shared similar interests and I noticed positive sighns from her like eye contact and her stroking her hair...so I figured what the hell I will give it a shot. I called her up today and asked her out to dinner and a movie tonight and she said yes. However she called back 2 hours later and told me she was thinking about it and she just wants to be friends but that she still wanted to go out tonight as friends-I told her thats fine and that I have no problem just bein friends also, but that I was going to find something else to do tonight...she was very apologetic and sounded like she thought I was really upset and that she had hurt my feelings. I was excited about the date but I didnt care much when she cancelled, better then dropping $40 on the date and then finding out.


Anyways S has been out of town and is getting back tomorow, and L's status is she can't wait for tomorow...so I am just getting the feeling that L still likes S and thinks its gona work out between them. My question is should I try again in a few weeks after she knows its not gona work out with S? Or should I just drop it and move on completley? Shes really pretty and nice and I really like that shes nvr had a bf before but I am not emotionally attached to her in any way and it wouldnt bother me to drop it; I am just wonderin if I should keep her as an option for the future or give up and move on to someone else.


Also any advice to avoid awkwardness when I am with my friends and she is around...I personally would think pretending it nvr happened and just carry on as friends the way we always have would be best, I won't have a problem with that but I think she is going to see me different now.

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If you feel like you're not emotionally attached to her and you wouldn't mind dropping it, why bother with it again?


I know, if I weren't going to pursue it further, I probably just wouldn't bring it up again. Not sure that's the best answer for you though...

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