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Emotional depth?


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I want emotional depth when it comes to someone I have a relationship with. I want to be able to also connect with a person on an emotional level since feelings, emotions, and all that stuff are tied into have a good, well-rounded relationship. It is the essense to what a "relationship" is and it is the essense to bringing meaning to the sexual and affectionate side of the relationship.

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for one thing, I get more emotional ( some may say too emotional) when my partner is showing no emotion at all.

I was with someone who lacked empathy. He didn't feel anything for homeless people. He didn't even call his mother when she was getting over surgery . ( that's a big red flag I learned, he couldn't connect emotionally with his mother even to say How are you doing? How do you feeL?)

I am very emotional. If someone doesn't like it, they don't have to be around it. I cry, I laugh, I am very in touch with my world through emotions.

Has anyone read David Deida?

He has a lot of tips for me to use ( for lack of a better word) the emotional waves of their women to create closeness, intimacy.

Please women, don't settle for men who don't like how emotional you are.

Be emotional and be proud. If that's the kind of women you are.

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