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what is up with this guy


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Hey all. I would like some thoughts about this guy. I use to really like him, but I dont so much anymore. I am posting this because I am usually pretty good at figuring out guys, except this one. I am in college and I have had many guys like me (im not trying to sound arrogant, Im not saying Im Miss Hotshot or anything but it is the truth) and at first I was pretty naiive (i went to an all girls high school) but I have picked up how to read their cues and since then I have been accurate about whether a guy likes me or not, except for this one.


He and I met through a friend and became friends, although we werent close friends at all. This year our social circles diverged a lot. We are both almost 20 and he has never had a girlfriend, but he is not shy in general. He is an awkward person though. He found out through the grapevine that I like him (I didnt tell anyone but some people figured it out, and i go to a small college so im used to that) I wasnt mad it was out but I gave up for awhile. Then he started showing signs of interest in me, it would take up too much space to elaborate completely but it includes asking me if I am doing a club we are both in next year, touching me on the shoulders, acting more awkward than usual but looking at me when someone told me I needed to get a bf, faking how drunk he was and flirting with me and then when i left leaving me a voicemail seeing if i got back to my room ok and iming me the next morning. However, things quickly went downhill when his immature friends found out (they pestered him I think, didnt degrade me that I know of but I could be wrong) He was told I liked him and he told his best friend and close friend he doesnt like me. From what I know of he tells them everything.

Since then, Ive ignored this drama queen bunch and decided I dont want anything to do with them. Im very busy at school and I would rather spend my free time with people who act their own age. He noticed and asked a mutual friend several times why I dont talk to him and why Im acting weird etc. A couple weeks later the close friend who meddled apologized to me and said "If me and everyone else had minded their own business, things might have turned out differently. I shouldnt have meddled" I just kinda ignored this and was like "no, it wouldnt have a made a difference." and he said "maybe" I dont wanna read anything into that.

Awhile later, I went to a party and he didnt want to go apparently. The host called him up (he was drunk I think) and the guy's friend answered instead. The host was like "well tell him to get his butt over here, because **** is here" He came over and tried to talk to me a couple times and sat next to me. It was just weird though, because usually when someone is about to talk to you you can tell, because they look at you and such but he doesnt do that. He was extra nice to me when I left, but I just think hes trying to kiss ass and that he is worried about me as a friend. he is a nice guy or at least he tries to put up that image.

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