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Dak Jack

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Ok there's this girl in my class, we're basically best friends. She even told me that yesterday! we always flirt in class, like she would playfully scratch my arm, and basically flirt. She even lets me touch her, poke, and etc. without complaints. She thinks I'm the funniest guy in the world! I make her laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY no joke. Anyways, the thing that confuses me is that when I give her hugs we play around like I tell her "I'm gonna give you a hug!", and she's like "no!! lol", then I tell her "I'm gonna get my hug!", and we always do this she said to give her a head start so I can chase her but I was like I'm still gonna get you ur too slow, so I get the hugs everytime and she laughs her butt off! she even told me when I do that it's funny! but like 3 days ago she told me no more hugs, and I was like what you mean? she said stop forcing me, and I don't know if she is joking or not cause she says things like that to joke. But I always touch and she still lets me touch her after she told me that, I just don't want to give her hugs cause I'm not sure if she's serious or not. I asked her to explain why she doesn't want me giving her hugs, she said she don't wanna ...lol.



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Yeah, her boyfriend has. He told her that we can be friends, hahahahahaha.


I know but the hugging is nothing sexual, it's one second contact. In class I be rubbing her back, and * * * * like that. She loves it. Never complaints. She does the same for me.

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Whether she loves it or not, you have to respect the fact that she has a boyfriend. If she doesn't give you boundaries, then you have to put them. If she's told you not to hug her anymore, respect that.

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