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dont know what this is..


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A guy whos on the other side of the continent, met him, yes, good times. Just hearing songs on the radio that remind me of him and I cant help but cry it just makes me super sad, trying to tell myself hes not into you doesnt work. To me, its too hard to completely let go, like I just don't want to. I took him off my phone. I try to not talk to him. Its just how do you let go of someone you thought was so great and be so perfect and months go by and it just seems like their never going to leave your mind? Like the same strong feelings you had are still there, they are still miles and miles and miles away, but you feel something so strong, yet they probably don't feel the same. I guess I'm ranting on and on. Everytime he crosses my mind it makes me sad, makes me cry that I can't be at his side or something, I don't know what it is. Was it that I never got the chance to be with him? That it just wouldn't work out and I'll just never know what could of become of it?


I just dont know how to escape him from my mind.](*,)

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*Points to my topic on this board* I'm kinda in a similar situation, myself. Except the girl I like isn't at an unreasonable distance away from me; but she already has a boyfriend, so... *Sigh* It really does suck, doesn't it?

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I guess it is just that, a real hard difficult situation that is not possible to get out of.


I read your post, in some ways similar.


I met this guy on-line. We talked, talked for about 7 months. One day I go you know what, because he said hes never had a great birthday, I said I'm going to go see you on your birthday!


Well anyways, its was tough getting back through airport security after kissing him goodbye, I cried. He text me right after and I tried to not cry anymore. It was just soo difficult.


But for some reason it feels like he changed after the 2nd night I was there, didn't just feel as he did when we had been talking before.


We still talk here and there. When I was there he said he sees me as a best friend. That kind of hurts. But its truths, hes working his --- off to pay off loans and go to school. We live so far. Its just the fact of going there, sort of having this strangely deep connection with someone, then its having them afterall not really care and your just left here to basically go nuts in your own mind. Nothing at all to do.


I know he doesn't feel the way I do. I just know and I have my tricks to fidning things out LOL. Well my friend does, he did it for my sake to help me wake up.


I can go on and on I'm just in tears again. Just to think that first day I met him at the airport in baggage claim he kisssed me like he known me forever. K I'll stop now.

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