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fractured rib

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I sustained a fractured rib from the airbag in a minor car accident yesterday. Doctors told me no strenuous exercise for a couple weeks. It doesn't hurt when I breathe and I'm not even that sore today. I don't want to have to wait a couple weeks before I can go back to the gym, because after a while I feel like I won't have the motivation when I am healed.


Any suggestions for easy exercises I can do for the first two weeks?

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If the doctor says no exercise, no exercise! the ribs could heal improperly if you pull them out of alignment or stress them, and you could be in for a lot of trouble.


I suggest walking (leisurely pace) until the doctor clears you again. Nothing where you gasp for air and expand your rib cage or weight training, contact sports.


If you can't go a couple weeks without exercise for the sake of your health, that is NOT mentally or physically healthy.

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Do remember to breath deeply though, with fractured ribs the tendency is to breath shallow, that is very dangerous in that pneumonia is a risk, normal breathing clears the lungs. I was told just breathing shallow can invite bronchitis or puemonia.


I cracked a rib coughing ... pneumonia, mine hurt but I wasn't restrained from exercise (heck the doc knew I hardly had any strength to walk, much less exercise).

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thanks for the replies. I have no pain when I breathe, and it really isn't even that sore. The fracture took two sets of eyes to pinpoint.


I'm not talking about running a marathon or anything, I just want something to do that will keep me active until i can run at my full capacity again. I was thinking walking/stationary bike.

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Well the doctor said no strenous exercise right? Not no exercise at all?


I think walking would be excellent. Either outside or on a treadmill. I think I'd avoid a stationary bike for a couple weeks because it's more strenuous and may cause you some pain.

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I would just stay with walking. when you run and do hard exercise, your lungs expand larger than normal breathing. if you make your ribs damage worse, you might have to stay off exercise for a long time.


a few weeks worth of rest or no exercise for years


your choice

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