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I went on a date Satruday. Today is monday.


The date was Perfect. I have never been on such an excellent date. She even cancelled other plans to stay with me. Our date ended up lasting close to 10 hours. I had never bonded with someone so quickly.


At the end of the night I told her I'd call her the next day and she said she wanted me to.


I called her Sunday and left a message.


Today is monday and I feel miserable because she hasn't called back.


I don't want to call again because I might sound obsessive or something, but I am almost sick to my stomach just thinking about her. I am worried something might have happened on her ride home since she may have still been a little drunk.


But I'm also wondering if it is too much to call her again and if I have to leave another message. I don't date much, so don't play these bullshit waiting games, but she didn't seem like she would either.


All through the night she said she'd wanted to go out again. I'm feeling pretty depressed and can't think straight. But I've felt this way before about girls, and generally I tend to screw things up at this point.


Any sugggestions from a clear head and rational mind. Mine isn't working at the moment.

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Relax, breathe deeply through your nose, think pleasant thoughts about nothing at all or doing something alone, maybe floating around in a pool.


Are you doing that, hmmmmm, what was the problem you were worried about, some girl has not called you??? Continue to think pleasant thoguths, then call her after Thursday if she has not called you back.


P.S. Make your dates shorter and end them at a predetermiend event. Don't just be free all day AND night. You need to develop some tension on your dates. Tension on the the idea of whether you want her on not. A carrot and stick approach, you are there for the taking almost but never quite within reach: I may want you, but only if you chase me a little. Each time she is chasing you, let her catch you then evade right after. Each time you chase her, catch her then stop pursuing. It creastes tension, and she will be dying for you. Only end when she is pretty much committed to you.

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We kind of planned to do what you are mentioning but we where having such a good time we both gave in.


She initially had other plans as did I. We where going to go out for only 2 hours. Somehow it turned into an all night thing. i'm also pretty timid so didn't make any moves or anything. At the end of the night she asked to kiss me. Then we made out for hours. It was great. I=


Considering the way things went i would have expected we'd be trying to reach each other constantly. That's what is so bewildering to me. I had told her I would call her the next day and she said she wanted me to.


Also FYI, I am posting on these forum mainly to help keep me from calling her.


I don't think I'll be able to go without calling her, but I'm hoping to buy myself time by having people smack some sense into me.


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she asked to sleep at my place too (and i dont think shes a slut or anything (especially since she said she rarely dates), we really both just had a great time and clicked. It was magic), but for some reason I thought it would be cooler if we waited; she was also a little drunk so didn't want to take advantage of that; Also my room was a mess, and it would be pretty embarrassing to have her over.


In the end we made out for hours, but that's why Im worried. All yesterday i couldn't help but think that maybe she was too drunk to drive home and something happened.


I'm actually worried about that. But I know I'd be going nuts regardless. The whole night was just so perfect. Its hard to find someone you can spend 10 hours with and not get board. We were having fun the entire time.

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