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he doesnt like me??

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Well, If you are following my recent problem. Here is little updated. I did email Chris my best friend Cuz. Here is my email I wrote to him...


How you been doing? I am doing pretty good. I been going to work and to appointments that I should went like 5 months ago. I hear that you have finals coming up. What classes are you taking? Maybe that was good thing we didn't come up so you could study for them. We are planning on coming up next Saturday that's um Dec 13. I know I am already off. I am hoping you are off that night too or at least off early. Either way as long as I can see you again, that would be cool. Everything, Holly and Laura told me was so true about you. Its all good. O my the way I do like your tattoo. I should had listen to Holly that night not to ate too much Pizza Hut Pizza well of course I didn't. I got sick. Well, maybe I will talk to you sometime before Saturday. Take care hope you feel better. Good Luck on your finals!






Now here is want he wrote to me....


Thanks for the email. Yeah, i'm feeling a little better. I was really sick after the holidays. Finals are coming along good, i just finshed up a paper on "The F word Not what you think, it's Fail. Um.. I'm working Sat, but i'm not sure what time. I'll ask Lee maybe i can work the early shift. Well, i'm goin' to get goin' it's 12:22 and i have to get up at 5. ttyl



He didnt really say anything to me...what do you all think of his email

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This email sounded like he was in a rush to get somewhere. It was very basic. Make your next letter to him, even shorter then his to you. This should make him think what your thinking and that is "hey, she didnt say anything".


I would say this


"Good to hear from you, sorry you were sick during the holidays, good to see your better, I have to run now, ttyl" ME


This will do the trick. But hey that's my opinion

Also I would be very busy, and very veige men love this, and keep coming. The more interest you show, the more comfortable they get, and teh less interest they show. Its just the way men are!

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