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I love how the category of the forum fits so well. It has kind of a double meaning. Healing after the breakup in terms of healing the relations, and healing as in leaving it all behind. Then again, getting back together also fits into the first category.


Long story short, my ex of 2 months contacted me a week ago. She told me that she's made the biggest mistake of her life in breaking up with me for her old ex [who hasnt even come back yet, he comes back in June], and all that good jazz.


We hung out the next day, and talked about getting back together. I told her I have to think about it, since I really did. I dont feel any love for her anymore, but this is only because I did get over her. I do miss her at times, especially when we're doing something with friends that I know she'd love to do. Stuff does remind me of her every day. But hey, she was special to me. She opened up some new worlds for me. They'd have to be associated with her.


Past week, she's been acting a little distant, but when I thought about it from my side, so have I, and I think she's just trying to give me space.


Today, rather at around 5PM, we're going out.


I'll be asking her if she wants to give the relationship one more go, with the major difference that we solve our problems instead of ignoring them and watching them grow bigger.


If she says yes, I'll be slightly surprised. I dont know why, but it just seems like she's regretted what she said to me a week ago.


If she says no, I'm totally ready for it. Using some rather kurt words, I'll basically tell her to stop contacting me in every way. It'll allow me to live my life, and it'll help her finish with this mess, and live hers.


The only regret I have is that I've gone on 18 dates in the time we've been apart. All of those dates put together havent been as fun as simply even hanging out with her.

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fact her ex is still in the equation worries me id be worried about that come closer to june but thats your call mate...if she says no...and honestly i dont think she willl...then ya...let her know you have enough friends and so she shouldnt bother trying to be one


That's actually why I told her I needed to think. She's messed up once, and I've told her that I won't be able to trust her fully until June comes, and he comes back. He's only coming back for two weeks, so we'll see what happens then.


As for the friends thing, I just laughed at that. When she told me she missed me, etc, we got to talking about how we're friends. I told her that I've gotten used to having her as just a friend, and she said that she couldn't be friends because she'd "always feel something".


But like I said, this was last week. We talk every day, but it's usually a txt or two, or a couple of sentences at best over IM. No phone, and we either ignore each other in the hall, or simply smile and go about our business.


That's another thing. We've got some shared friends, and if I'm not with her, it's going to be awkward as hell at some points.


EDIT: Yes, I'll take a look at it now.

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Posted a nice solution to your issue. It doesn't take much, and if the girl is worth anything to you, you'll take the approach.


As for me, hell, whether she says yes or no, I'll be happy. I'm going to some party on Saturday, so I'm sure I'll meet someone there, if nothing else.


Sleep time now. Thanks for the support and words of wisdom.

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