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Healing not complete after almost 2 yrs. Help!!

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OK so my now ex broke up with me almost 2 years ago. I had made some mistakes(ie. reading her email was a big one). So recently I noticed that my sister and my ex had become friends on myspace. I thought that I had moved passed all my past drama but something got the best of me and I got onto my sis' myspace. I was looking at my ex's profile and I even read a couple of emails that my sis and her sent. My sis recently broke up with her bf and it has some similar undertones to my relationships end. My sis was askin her for advice. Now I never expected her to not move on and find other people. My main concern is why is it so hard for me to let go. That and the fact that I feel like I betrayed my sisters trust and completely let myself down as a person. I haven't been in a relationship or dated anyone since my ex. I know that I cant commit to a new potential relationship until I can fully let go of the last one. Does that complete release only happen after you have dated other people? If anyone can give me advice or guidance you are my hero. And if you need more clarification just ask.

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Yes, for most people dating other people, and then realizing that you can fall for other people, and then actually letting yourself fall for other people, is very key to your completel recovery. And often, it's not going to click the same way with the first or even the 4th new person. It takes time. The more you release, the more you let go, the more you learn about yourself, and get to know yourself as a person who isn't dependent on others for happiness.


There's no time like the present. A lot of people hold off on dating because they are still experiencing the sting of rejection from the one they loved. They can't imagine then adding even more potential rejection into the mix. However, it's the wrong outlook. It's not about rejection but about matching. And sometimes, just some simple friendships can take you in the right direction. You need not jump into anything you're not ready for.


2 years is a good anniverssary though. For most people, "it's time". Continue to let go, continue to fall, don't grasp onto anything, smile and make friends.

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