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need some un-bias advice


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Finish school. With a degree you have more long term alternatives. You also need to learn how to solve problems rather than run away from them. it is good to recharge your batteries away from conflict sometimes, but as they say, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.


Go back and finish your two months course, and if you still want to return to Scotland then, go back again. It isn't set in stone, and you can always change your course.


But some opportunities (such as free college and only 2 months left to finish) will be hard to recapture, so don't miss out on that.

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Go back and live with a friend for the 2-months?


People in the states are so envious(I am atleast) of the free schooling yall foreigners have in other countries. All these college payments being diverted until you graduate and get a job or in your case being exempt completely from payment. Take advantage of that.


You dont neccasarily have to go home to go back home, ya know?

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Well how are you affording to move away from home now and live in Scotland? I dont really fully understand how you have got so far into your college course, which apparently you enjoy, and are good at and now dont want to finish it?!


2 months is nothing in the scheme of things, its 8 weeks. If you dont finish it you will of wasted the entire year just to begin again?! Pointless. Take it from me someone whose been there and dropped out of something a good few years ago and now wonders what would of happened if I had finished it... get yourself back down to your college and get your course finished.


You can then get a hairdressing job pretty much straight away, and then you can get your own place wherever you want. Did you know that hairdressers nearly always land a job straight away after qualifying? And that among the jobs in the UK they have one of the highest happiness ratings?


Your on a good path here...dont ruin it by running away and abandoning it. Everyone has problems in life, and they sometimes want to drop things and run and get away from things and people. But they cant. You have to grit your teeth and get on with things, deal with them without running away becasuse things always come back and haunt you anyway.


You sound like a very intelligent, mature girl, i think you know what the right thing to do is.


Good luck -x-

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Pretty much everyone needs mental counselling and help these days if you believe what you read in the papers and magazines. Most people cant afford it or get access to it and have to deal with things their own way, leaning on friends or family to be their counsellors etc. 2 months more hanging on to finish your college course will give you financial, and to some degree mental stability.

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the only thing stopping you is you.

If you were so deadset against finishing college then i doubt you would have wrote this blog asking what you should do and listing your options.

at some point you have to face up and see that you are limiting yourself with the 'i can'ts'

i have seen it enough in me to know how you feel, but in order to get anywhere you want to be in life you will need to break all this doubt down eventually.

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Whats right for you?

Which one - getting a qualification or not?

Getting a job or not and living on benefits? Like the majority of people in the UK now (its a bloody joke)

Living through hell for 2 more months or running away and staying away your whole life having regrets?


You sound like a strong girl. You can do the 2 months. Then you can get a job. And trust me its much easier to get a job as a hairdresser than other jobs...and also once your done in ur training thats pretty much it ... your good to go... unlike some jobs that then require degrees, more training, masters, more training and then experience.


Some people have to learn learn learn for years and years and cant move anywhere or leave home or do anything until they have a job at around 26 years old! And some of these people have problems just like you.

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Well like any job now-a-days, its not what you know, but who you know. If you were doing experience in a salon, and worked in one, then you were nearly there, and you knew people in the business. Some people when they are doing qualifications do that for years and get no experience until it comes to getting a job, and then are told "come back when you have experience".


So in a way in your situation you had your foot on the ladder so to speak. But you may of burned your bridges somewhat when you just upped and left...


Not stats specifically...just common sense...

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