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Shes scared she might be... (Please help)


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A friend and I lost our virginity together last night, and it was absolutly wonderful. Took me about 45 minutes to actually "get it up" but in the end, it was great.


Anyway, now she has just told me that after reading on "Wikipedia" about sex positions and risks of pregnancy, it has really freaked her out, and shes worried she might be pregnant.


Now I put the condom on right, the teat was empty and not full of air. The condom was tight but not enough to rip. And it didnt rip. I didnt take the condom off until I had finished pulling out and moved away...


She isnt due on her period until the end of next week.


What is the best course of action?



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Wait and see if she gets her period. If not, then she can take a pregnancy test.


She could also take the morning after pill, which is available over the counter in the US. However, from what you have described, there is only a tiny chance that she is pregnant. The MAP does have side effects for some women (mainly nausea/vomiting), and is a fairly high dose of hormones, so she may want to take that into account before she decides to buy it.


So basically either nothing or the MAP. No one can really choose for her. I have to say I have been in the situation you described (used just a condom, although I made him stop after about 2 minutes), and I was so worried about being pregnant that I took the MAP, even though the doctor told me I was being ridiculous.


If you're planning on continuing sexual activity with her, you should think about doubling up on methods of birth control, since she is clearly not comfortable with only a condom.

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There are some that are advertised as being accurate 5 days before a missed period, but they are only about 60% accurate.


I would recommend testing at the earliest the day her period is due (if it doesn't come that day), but better to wait until her period is a few days late (if it is at all late).

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Okay thanks.


I actually made a mistake in the original post. It was my first time, but not hers. I only found out last night (afterwards) that she had sex last week, and the condom split.


He pulled out straight away, and I dont think he had ejaculated already. Anyway, it was a bit late for the morning after pill (a week later) so this is probably adding to her worries...


Its going to be a long week...



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Well, your friend better just not be having sex if she's gonna be that paranoid. Anyway, as for you, you followed all directions, and if she is pregnant it most likely has nothing to do with you. The guy that had the condom that split is going to have to be the one worrying, not you.

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What is she doing having sex with 2 guys in one week?


How old is this girl, anyway?


If she's so worried about getting pregnant- she should stop the risky behavior of having multiple partners while not on birth control.


Not to mention the risk of STI's.


Doesn't sound like she is using much common sense.

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