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is nc working? oh hell no!


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day three of a miserable breakup although i think i can get thru this. ok so i saw him yesterday and he was kinda a * * * * * * * . he called me on the phone and told me he was coming to see me and even used the nickname that he calls me. so i thought damn maybe things are gonna work out. well he gets to my house and i open the door and he wouldn't even come in the house. so i just acted like it didn't even bother me. i was in a robe when he got there because i just got out of the shower. he looked at me and said, i see u have your working clothes on. i didn't realize what he had just said until after he left.


so i called him later and said what was up with that remark. he told me he was joking and that the reason he broke up with me. then i told he i didn't think that was too nice and i'm not a * * * * * . i also told him that i felt like people were telling him bad things about me that are not true. he said thats another thing that wrong with u , u think everyones against u.


i have to let everyone that reads this know that i had a friend that started a bunch of lies about me and they all got back to him. that where things started to get bad between us. i tried to explain things to him but he told me he doesn't need the drama. i think he looks at me as a person with alot of drama.


but after we got done talking on the phone he asked me if i was ok. he also said that he wants to be my friend. i tried nc and it's only been three days. he is already talking about coming to see me this weekend. i want to tell him i don't want to see him. what should i do?

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i want to tell him i don't want to see him. what should i do?


Is it me, or did you just come up with a solution all by yourself?


Push yourself to tell him that you don't want to see him. Leave him a message. Use harsh wording.


Watch the movie "I Think I Love My Wife". Use those exact words that he uses when he leaves his message.


You gotta keep pushing yourself to stay at NC, because the guy does sound like a Class A d-bag, and you do deserve better.

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Russ I love your avatar


Oh, you cant imagine how much I love yours. House is just about as good as a show can get. That, and "Supernatural".


But back to the issue, I agree with Coffee80. It'll hurt like hell, but it's for the best.

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