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She still hasn't told her parents we broke up

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We met 5 months ago and were dating for 4 of those. I met her parents within one week of when we started dating. She broke up with me last month and we decided to just stay friends. I still like her. A few mutual friends (close to her) of ours have all told me at different times that the reason she broke up with me was because she was scared and when they asked her why she told them (blushing) that she just was. One of them said that she asked her if she was in love with me and she wouldn't tell her anything, her face just got redder. Right now she is dating someone (been about a week since they got together).


Me and her parents have become somewhat close. I talk to her parents sometimes to see how things are (her mother has diabetes and cancer) and her father has lung troubles from working in the mines when he was younger. Me and her parents are friends (for lack of better word). For the past month I thought they knew me and her had broken up. But earlier today her parents asked me if me and her were still dating (because I hadn't been around much lately). I told them that we broke up last month and that she was dating another guy now. Neither of them knew we broke up or that she was seeing someone else. They said that they asked her and she said that we were still going out and that I was just really busy with my job and school.


Why would she not tell her parents that we broke up and keeping the guy she's dating now a secret from them, saying that me and her are still dating? (She lives with her parents and doesn't have much of a life outside of school and work)


She told her parents about me THE DAY we started dating, I was just personally introduced to them within the first week.

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It's hard to say. Maybe she knows that they'll give her a hard time about it and she just doesn't want to deal with it. If she's not sure about how she feels or what she wants, she likely doesn't want to answer a bunch of questions from her parents. It's easier to lie and deal with it later.

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Not your problem Sam.


For curiositys sake I understand though. Maybe she doesn't want to deal with it because her parents like you. Maybe she feels her parents will disapprove of her seeing this new guy. Also, it's somewhat unusual to remain friends with your g/f parents after you have broken up... particularly at your age and considering the brevity of your relationship.



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