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So I was a bit bored and nostalgic and I was browsing my ex girlfriend's Facebook wall from ages ago.


Anyway, there's a message from her best friend from before we split up saying "I've seen loads of hot guys in your photos... get involved!"


Gee, thanks a * * * * ing lot.

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Aw dont worry seriously this has happened to me a lot - you really really really shouldn't let things like this upset you.

I write stupid things like that on my friends's walls all the time! Honestly! And you probably have too without thinking anything of it.

like id literally comment on a photo and say 'ohh tara whos he ' when i myself was in a relationship.

It didnt mean a thiiiiing seriously you shouldnt let it get you down, you could have read something a lot worse!


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I know. It's my own fault. I just have nothing better to do. But you know how close girls are. I kind of read it and thought, well if her friends didn't really think much of me and were encouraging her to get involved with guys at uni then it's going to make her decision easier.


It's a male thing. We like to fix things. I suppose I'm just trying to figure out why my ex "changed" and why that meant throwing me away... but I know I'll never know but sometimes it'd be a lot easier if I did.



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My ex blocked her myspace to me because I told her I was upset one day when she had put up as her intro "XX has a cute boyfriend!" First off, this guy isn't cute (but then, she married me when I weighed 300+ lbs and she's gorgeous, so obviously her standards aren't the typical ones...lol), second of all, I chose to be really hurt by that because she was living in the house at the time. I'm actually grateful she blocked me, because now I don't have to see whats going on with them. I looked at his page the other day out of idle curiosity. He hasn't updated it recently with more pics of her, and still talks about how perfect she is. That actually didn't bother me. Still, I don't think I'm going to do that again.


I'm debating unfriending her on LiveJournal. She is theoretically filtering posts I might find upsetting from me, and I'm not sure I want to know what's going on anyway. I have more of a dilemma here, though. I want to post about my growth progress in my LJ, partially so she'll see it, and I'm worried that if I defriend her, she'll be pissed and defriend me, and then she won't see the posts (I'd make them anyway...word will filter to her, I think). So, I haven't made up my mind there, yet.

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