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Does She Like Me More Than Just A Friend?


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It's a very complicated situation but here's some facts about us:

1.When we first met, we automatically clicked and became real close friends

2.Only a couple of months later after about 3 months of knowing each other, she bought me a great b-day present(dog tag chain with my name on the front, and my birthdate and her name on the back)

3.Only defends me, ALWAYS even for the littlest things

4.Does not like disagreeing with me, always agrees with what i'm saying or just wont counter what i say

5.Calls me her "Angel In Disguise" cuz she says i've changed her life and how she views life

6.We send each other poems back and forth

7.Gives me all types of hugs(from the back, by surprise, for no reason, etc.) also always looks at me and smiles(couple of times in one day)

8.Always compliments me and has NEVER said anything bad about me

9.Shows me so much more respect and attention than anyone else


Now the only problem is that i want to find out what her intentions be4 i talk to her about it

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