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okay my first problem is this guy (at school) and i both like each other only he has a gf that treats him like crap(he knows it) but he still loves her after everything she has done to him and he asked me what would i do if i was in his shoes? and i said i couldn't answer that because i like him and the answer would be the same, and that i just couldn't,he understood. but what am i suppose to tell him to do he told me to think of what i would say(over the 4 day weekend) and im not sure what to say to him. and also if we both like each other and he ditches his friends to hang out with me and we flirt constantly and just everything but the more he stays with his gf the more i feel like i don't have a chance even tho they are still going out i know if she does one more thing it wonnt matter they will break up but still what am i suppose to do?

Problem 2. my ex and his current gf (i actually got to know her and she and i are frineds so its really weird but im okay with just being frineds with both of them)think im trying to steal him away from her. but they know i wont because he says im his bff. and they both say i cant so

why is it an issue if i try to it wouldn't work. so i know i could get him back but i don't want to.the problem with this is he told my best friend(and his we have the same one) that he was going to do what his horoscope said. he would be going on a long trip with his future love (his present gf) and near the end of the trip they would have problems and about a month after they break up he would go out with his old love (me). but before my friend told me this one of my other friends pointed out that he was just "keeping me close" so that if him and his gf didn't work out he knew i would be there. but i wont. when he called me is bff i knew i could finally move on after about 6 months and IM so happy that i can. i don't want to go back out with him for the reasons of 1) we don't get along. 2) i will lose him to her. 3) I'm finally over him.

but part of me is worried that "if "any of it comes true i might take him back he has this way of getting to me as hard as i try not to let him he does.


so any advice you have I would appreciate on both problems IM having and if you have any idea what I should say to my friend. I would love to hear anything you have to say. thank you so much.



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I think one of the hardest thing we can do is watch someone we like in a relationship which is one sided. Not only do we feel we could be much better for them but personally I find it very unattractive that someone can be so unaware of their own needs. Whenever I am asked what someone should do its the hardest thing to be truthful but I think we need to tell them that they although they need to giving any relationship need to be have respect etc from both sides if you dont get it you shouldnt be there end of story. This is hard especially if they know you like them but i still think it need to be said



Sorry I think horoscopes can be fun but are aload of rubbish if you want to let someone tell you how to live your live thats fine be a puppet. I dont think live is predetermined and i think we can do\be whatever we like within reason. Not sure what the problem is but if you dont want to get back together dont!!!! i knew this girl that went to a fortune teller and when I went out with her she played a tape to me wow i nearly believed it. It said a fantastic leo would come into her live (I am a leo) etc.. made me feel great and thought for a minutethere was somthing in it as I think this was right but there were so many other things on the tapes that were wrong i.e. she would move in a given month etc and so many things that could be interpreted in differnet ways. In the end I just thought if you things are said they can be made to fit the past and future but in reality it could mean anything , so get ou there and do what you want and ignore the idea thats it already laid out.

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